How do you get rid of John White curse

I’ve thought about this repeatedly. In particular while I was hog hunting wondering how to reverse the curse. It took the Cubs more than decades. Their key was to hire a leader from a blue blood program (Epstein) and he hire an established genius (Madden). I’m thinking we follow be getting a new AD from an established winner (Terry Don) and combine that with Marshall from Wichita State. Otherwise just burn a goat. John White you’re to blame.

Got to have high program expectations again, period.

When things are not working, a coach or administration must adapt.

Must have high expectations and execute.

We are almost 20 years beyond program blow up.

Can be no more excuses.

John White is worse than a curse. John White destroyed Ladyback basketball with the firing of Gary Blair. They are still not even close to recovering and may never. And, the harm he did to men’s basketball by sabotaging Frank Broyles choices is just as bad and has cost the UofA $10s of millions in lost ticket sales, fan support, donations, and even lost TV revenue. I don’t know that basketball at Arkansas will ever get to the level it was.

I still remember the “golden handcuffs”

Great post! The curse of John White will continue until we correct his final mistake and FIRE JEFF LONG!

People want to believe in saviors. People want to believe in Jeff Long. As much as we want and need fantastic leadership, Jeff is NOT the guy. Be rational. Look at the facts surrounding Jeff’s " leadership".

I am not qualified to judge the performance of Jeff Long so any opinion I express should be taken with a grain of salt. I have the impression that he is very respected. Nevertheless, I don’t have a lot of confidence in his ability at evaluating, recruiting, and hiring coaches.

I have nothing but disdain for John White. I have no respect for
him whatsoever.