How do you add multiple icons?

I followed Matt’s instructions and was able to upload one image, but when I tried to do another it replaced the first and did not add to. Is there some instructions I have missed somewhere?

Also, I really liked the “My Posts” button we had before where I could go to my previous posts, scroll over them with the mouse arrow, and a pop-up would let me know if any new posts had been made. Is that somewhere hidden on the new board?

Hi. Sounds like you maybe aren’t clicking the Upload button.

  1. Click the image icon and then upload your first image.
  2. Click the Upload button and the window will close and you’ll see the image in your draft.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for the second image.

You can access previous posts and other activity from your profile page. Simply click your little avatar or click your user name from the menu.

Just clicking on the user profile icon appears to show just notifications similar to Facebook’s notification bell. All I have there is a notice of a reply to my post last night. However, all past posts are still available, just more involved to get to them. On a desktop/laptop, click the profile icon, then the “preferences”/settings icon. All your old posts will be under the Activity tab.

I did what you listed and the second image replaced the first. It is no big deal. I just wanted to not look like some rookie poster. :slight_smile:

So did you want multiple avatars? That is not an option. To input images in the body of a post, check out the instructions in the FAQ thread on the Hawg Lounge. The following images were inserted using drag & drop.