How do we think this plays out?

Asked to leave at end of season?

Assistants asked to leave now or end of season?

Given one more year with conditions?

Seems if no changes this week and if giving another year, you would want your AD out front helping the recruiting at the least.

An AD saying season is highly frustrating but we are young. Improving our talent and developing players is a priority and you see flashes of what program can be so let’s all get behind program and build this thing.

Or AD is silent.

I’m not sure how this all plays out.

Whoever the new HC is going to be needs to be in place and ready to take the job, as soon as the season ends.

Waiting until the season ends is too late.

I’d probably bet HY is either already or about to start seriously making some calls, on his shortlist. I like chad a lot, but it’s about plain as day that this isn’t meant to be.

Who knows though, honestly.

Too many factors in play here to know.

Personally, I think it’s 50/50 he either is canned or replaces his top coordinators and stays for at least another year.

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We ask Bret to come back and work off his buyout and make Morris the OC. It’s a Financial win for the U of A and we gear up for a new coach in 3-5 years with a lot of powder in the gun.

Feelers were out before yesterday’s embarrassment.

Just food for thought. What would every other team in the SEC do if their head coach had this record after one year and 9 games:

4-17 / (0-14 in SEC games) with 3 losses to cupcakes?

We have showed consistency in our SEC losses. 2018 - ave loss by 22.6 / 2019 - ave loss by 22.3. Lots of year to year improvement - NOT.

I too thought it was 50/50 but after watching the game a second time I lean towards 60/40 he gets another year with a DC change a must. I think he earned some credit yesterday with the play of Jefferson and some of the other freshman which proved he has recruited some Sec players. How recruiting goes and a win against WKY is a must though to get him out of the sweat box for now. WPS

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I agree with you

I can’t bring myself to believe that HY is shortsighted enough to give CCM a year he doesn’t deserve because of one drive in one game that he lost by 30 points. If HY gives Morris another year, he will own the hire. I believe he is smart enough to know that a 2020 season with 3 to 5 wins (which is probable) will take him down, along with Morris.

It could be argued that firing Morris after this year could be shortsighted by Yurachek. Again, it’s not as cut and dry as some would like to think.

The carpet in the AD’s office should be occupied by CCM and he better be able to have one heck of a plan.
There’s not a lot of history of HY making decisions and the one he did make firing CMA was pretty quick!
I give it a 30-70 chance he comes back next year.
HY has watched this season just like we have. What ever decision he makes he will own it😜!
One thing for sure The OC and DC need to be packing and sent down the road.

I see the DC retiring and Morris staying another year. I do not have inside information or a crystal ball, just a guess like everyone else. 3 more weeks we will know definitely. Maybe before then.

Would surprised me if any changes before the last game.
If CCM stays, would expect that HY requires some changes with the coordinators.

HY hands are tied by BOT & contingent on: finances and if another better qualified/proven coach is readily available & wants the job. Recruiting status will also be a factor.

BOT are not going to get entangled in another potential coaching buyout after CCM, Chavis & with CBB still pending plus buying out new coach’s existing contract. Not sure how much UofA program is bleeding red, especially after stadium expansion debt, but bean-counters are likely now a big part of this decision.

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If they are going to let him go, I really, really doubt that would wait until Nov. 30.

A simple guess would be that if there was a move, it would be announced next week before the open date.

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Posted today on twitter -

2018 new coaching hires -

Dan Mullen: 17-5
Mario Cristobal: 15-7
Jimbo Fisher: 15-7
Herm Edwards: 12-9
Joe Moorhead: 12-10
Willie Taggart: 9-12
Jeremy Pruitt: 9-12
Kevin Sumlin: 9-12
Scott Frost: 8-13
Chip Kelly: 7-14
Jonathan Smith: 6-14
Chad Morris: 4-17

Dudley you and I discussed this week ago - I said after MSU and you said if it happens likely after WKU in the open date.

FSU has kicked things off and others soon to follow ( thanks early signing day).

If he’s allowed to stay I think he for sure will need a new DC and I think a new OC.i think both sides need a fresh start, new faces new ideas to give hope because the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

HY seeing the empty stands and the lost $$ and the 2 year record of Morris…the end is near. Can’t let continue. I’d bet the house.

And of the four wins, two are FCS and none against P5 teams. Unless they beat LSU (hysterical laughter ensues) or Missouri ( not sure he’ll be on the sidelines) then Chad Morris will become the first P5 coach in this century to go through two seasons without a win over a P5 team.

Think about all of the coaches with awful records at Rutgers, Kansas, Oregon State, Vandy, etc. all won at least one game against a team from a major conference in their first two years.

Bye Chad.

There are other concerns to consider, so I wouldn’t do that if I were you.