How do we see O line so far?

Apologies if mentioned in other places.

Hopeful we are turning corner into solid SEC O line with quality depth

Full pads to come. I don’t know that you make judgments until they’ve scrimmaged and that goes for about any position. The first week is installation and rehearsal, finding out what the youngsters know and how far you can push them in the heat.

I think it’s positive so far. But to say that you know much after four days is kind of tough to do. You are a man down with Ricky Stromberg out, one of the team’s best players. So that’s not great.

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The team is scheduled to scrimmage for the first time Saturday (closed to public). The groupings Monday might provide some insight into who played well in the scrimmage, though as Clay said, Ricky Stromberg’s injury complicates things some.

Cody Kennedy is scheduled to speak to reporters Tuesday.

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What is Stromberg’s status? Do we expect his return? If so, how soon?

Tom Murphy reported this week that Stromberg is expected to be back by the first game.


Stromberg is a tough dude, he’s a ball player.I’ll be very shocked if he’s not able to play by the first game unless the injury is more severe than we think.

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