How do we recruit better?

I understand that we don’t get the recruits that the Alabama’s, Georgia get but my question is simply what can our coaches, school administration do to make that better? Bottom line seems to be the better schools keep getting the better players and better players make better teams. A vicious cycle. What are we doing wrong?

Ask Muss

Georgia and other big schools have many more high school players who are good prospects. Arkansas is forced to get out of state much more than other schools do. The number of top high school players and winning records make it a lot easier for schools other than Arkansas to get deep talent.

Land Ryan Wingo and Lagway as early commits, then stay after the 4&5 stars we are on for next years class. Grab more portal guys,especially on defense for this year.

Get aggressive with NIL deals. I’d be interested to see how we utilize it vs Bama and A&M.

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Yeah, I’m sure Ryan would prefer to go here, but if we lose him as a “business decision “ we will definitely need to revamp our NIL program.

To get to next level recruiting, you have to start winning at a high level. Especially at Arkansas because kids only know the recent and recent hasn’t been good to the Hogs until last year.

Getting a generational QB is how Clemson got the ball rolling there. Clemson was a traditional good program but Watson was the beginning of the Tigers climb to being an elite program.

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Win. That’s it. Not get blown out by Bama and Georgia. Not by losing to aTm.

Sam can recruit, but it’s tough when we are not a winning program.

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It’s pretty obvious we are going to have to shine in the portal. We haven’t recruited 5 stars out of high school, but got Sanders to come. We were able to get kids out of the portal who have contributed who are higher rated than most of the kids we recruit.

In addition, most of the bottom 2/3 of our recruiting classes just seem to fizzle out. We recruit a lot of kids who are mid to upper 3 star level talent but relatively few turn out to be solid SEC players.

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Big NIL deals
Blonde girls with pierced navels
Caddies for Mama and Daddy


Thanks Pav…that’s the answer I was looking for.

I personally like our '23 class and it is better than the previous class and I think our '24 class will be as good or better than '23.
I am very optimistic about CSP’s ability to recruit. Now I would like to see better play calling and personnel usage on both sides of the ball from his coordinators. That was clearly on display Saturday.
The use of the '22 class has not been encouraging and in fact the use of the second team seem lacking. A key selling point was CSP’s willingness to play a lot of people, particularly the kids.
I think the fans are putting a lot of pressure on the team to win and that is causing KJ to regress and the coaches to play not to lose. That is just my opinion. Two losses and everyone is losing their minds. Let’s not turn that 9-4 season into a curse rather than a blessing. The coaches do have a lot to reexamine starting with their own performances.


Hursthawg, some wise words.

Hursthawg - just asking. Who on this list should be playing more?

• Anthony Brown, DB, 6-2, 190, Milan, Tenn.
• Andrew Chamblee, OL, 6-6, 284, Maumelle
• Dax Courtney, TE, 6-6, 212, Clarendon
• Jordan Crook, LB, 6-0, 225, Duncanville, Texas
• Nico Davillier, DL, 6-5, 275, Maumelle
• Rashod Dubinion, ATH, 5-10, 190, Ellensworth (Ga.) Cedar Grove
• Max Fletcher, P, 6-5, 190, Melbourne, Australia, ProKick Academy
• E’Marion Harris, OL, 6-7, 370, Joe T. Robinson
• Eli Henderson, OL, 6-5, 300, Duncan (S.C.) Byrnes
• Kaden Henley, LB, 6-2, 227, Shiloh Christian
• JJ Hollingsworth, DE, 6-4, 250, Greenland
• James Jointer, TB, 6-1, 210, Little Rock Parkview
• Patrick Kutas. OL, 6-5, 290, Memphis Christian Brothers
• Jaylin Lewis, DB, 6-2, 175, Brownwood (Tenn.) Haywood
• Sam Mbake, WR, 6-3, 205, Kennesaw (Ga.) North Cobb
• Quincey McAdoo, WR, 6-3, 180, Clarendon
• Mani Powell, LB, 6-3, 225, Canton, Ohio
• Isaiah Sategna, WR, 5-11, 175, Fayetteville
• Eli Stein, Deep Snapper, 6-3, 215, Cambridge, Wisc.
• Tyrus Washington, TE, 6-4, 230, Leesburg (Ga.) Lee County

Isaiah Satenga - his speed is an equalizer

But he’s injured, so it’ll be awhile before we see him at full speed

As we have learned with Hornsby, if a WR is not able to be a run blocker and pass blocker alike, they are tipping to defenses our playcalling when they are on the field. Sategna may have all of the speed and glitzy pass-catching skills but if he is not able to block…compromised asset.

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@oklahawg exactly. You have to play the entire position. Speed is great but the blocking aspect is critical.

Start pursuing the hottest HS football recruiting market & metro-plex that is near NWA & that has the highest # of Univ of Arkansas grads & strong alumni base - DFW & North Texas.

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but if he decoys on a long route, he takes at least one defender with him. That’s good, right?

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Get serious in the evaluation process with HS players. no more projects or targets that have questionable health or attitudes. Start a real player development program. Taking risks with kids can work out, but seldom do. And they shouldn’t be the bulk of your recruiting class. Finally, hit the portal hard. beat the bushes for quality players. Don’t care if they are Bama, or Georgia throw away’s. Chances are they would be better than our starting rotation right now.

In the words of the immortal Snoop Dogg, “straight cash, homie.”