How do we match up tomorrow?

I assume their Sunday starter is their #3 for a reason. Certainly Campbell gave UF nothing to fear today. I suppose we’ll start Murphy tomorrow. We need our pitching to be on top of things—and the top of our batting order needs to stelp up.

Gonna be tough. Their Sunday pitcher is about as good as Singer. We have to step up all the way around.
Pitching was atrocious today. It’s baseball. It happens.
Now, how do we respond?
Go Hogs!

It should be LHP Kacey Murphy (3-0, 1.69 ERA in 21 1/3 innings) vs. RHP Tyler Dyson (4-1, 1.48 ERA in 30 1/3 innings).

Murphy pitched great against Florida last year with seven shutout innings at the SEC Tournament.

Dyson’s only loss was a hard luck one, 2-0 to Miami. He pitched six innings at South Carolina last week.

Florida has not scored a lot of runs on Sunday this year. This is not a great lineup, so if Murphy is on, Arkansas should have a decent chance.

Love the sound of that, Matt!
Love too win this series!
GO HOGS:bangbang:

Tough loss yesterday, really tough to watch. I said before the season started that this may be the most talented Razorback baseball team I have ever seen. Actually, I still feel that way. It remains to be seen how the team will respond from this point forward. The top of the hitting lineup need to get out of their slump and help the team. If there are any words of wisdom that Thompson can lay on them, now is the time.