How do we judge Chavis D vs Mountain West Op?

Yes it’s just second year and we are inexperienced and young. I did not think we would give up mid 30s to such an inferior conf opponent.

Thrilled for the win don’t get me wrong but hopeful Chad directs his strongest criticism towards a DC when simple containment in first half looked like a foreign concept.

LSU and TN fans talk of 3rd and Chavis.

We are going with inexperienced coaches in the SEC for the most part.

Fairly or not, I would hope the one the most experience was showing it on D.

CSU score 31 against Colorado. Colorado beat Nebraska 34-31 in OT, but lost today to Air Force. I’m not sure them scoring 30+ against us necessarily means we aren’t good, but I was concerned today with some of what I saw.

We cant hang our hat on defense, hopefully we get a few stops and can out score a few opponents.

we are in the age of the offense anyway, not many teams that can play consistant d.

Arkansas’ defense has holes, but the Mountain West is an offensive league and Mike Bobo has had a lot of success on offense wherever he has been. I figured the Rams would have some success today. I suspect next week’s game vs. San Jose State, another MWC team, will look a little different.

You are probably right. But with all due respect, we keep trading down D expectations for worse opponents, and we believe we do better for reality of an SEC program? I’m not sold that current D coaches are all in in senior stages of career after being fired everywhere else. Especially a D coord who appears missing a nap on sidelines. If a D coordinator can only win with 5 stars, then join the line of the rest of us who might win if given all Lawrence Taylors. We all grant a mulligan for not having talent, but at least show you know how to run a containment D against a weak O opponent.

Watching Kentucky vs Florida Kentucky might have best offensive line in the league. Might be a long day for us. Or defense has some big holes. Is it scheme or is it all talent. Chavis defenses at a and m weren’t good and at LSU they dropped off. Auburn’s defense looks stout whoever there defensive coordinator is

This is Bobo’s fifth year at CSU. It’s Morris second at Arkansas; and we’re still very much rebuilding as well as learning.

We saw a lot of progress today on the offense over the first two weeks.

In regard to the D, I think we’re struggling at DE. Very inexperienced there. I also felt the two defenses played about equally – I had anticipated that we’d look faster, but I didn’t see it.

Our O-line & D-line have improved some but we are nowhere close to being prepared for the remaining Sec schedule. Not calling for anyone’s head or saying this staff can’t get the job done, but it’s obvious we have a long road ahead of us. Hopefully we will see more improvement by seasons end, however I don’t see a Sec win this season. I think we will be a tougher out against the Sec teams this year but don’t see us being a threat to anyone other than possibly Mizzou if we stay healthy on both sides of the ball. Much needed strong finish today with good effort by many guys on both sides of ball. We have to show patience until execution catches up to the recruiting! WPS

Yeah, KY was who I was expecting us to beat after they lost their starting QB last week, but they look really good. And, yes, their line is outstanding.

Colorado State moved the ball for over 500 yards against Colorado, too. They are playing a lot of freshmen on defense, more than I can ever remember at Arkansas. The freshmen defensive ends are talented, but they are still true freshmen. Containment was an issue yesterday.

People get too wrapped up in conference affiliation IMO. The fact is, Colorado State has a rich football tradition. I think most of the age 50-plus people on this board have watched Colorado State for years now. In bowl games. Other big games. They aren’t and have never been, say, Boise St., but it terms of tradition, they do have tradition. It ebbs and flows…like some other beloved team I know…but they can recruit and their fanbase expects wins too. Now, how good is THIS Colorado State team? Who knows. We shall see. I do know their RB and big WR are big time players. They could play for anyone. Our defense shouldn’t have let him bust into the clear…but you have to concede that dude was not some “little non-power 5 conference” talent. As Bobby Petrino would say, that dude is a stud. And they fed him.

2nd game I ever went to was vs Colorado St @ War Memorial (I believe it was during the 90 season). We won a close game, I believe we actually came from behind to win. CSU has always played us tough.

Sometimes it’s about matchups. Yesterday, our offense carried the day. Against Portland State, our defense carried the day. Against Ole Miss, neither carried the day.

I like the fact we have balance, 35 running plays, 35 passing p-lays. This quarterback will get better and better, as will the freshmen.

Special teams-that coach is doing a great job. Grading out A in every game so far, not getting us beat, winning our share of the field position battles.

You can find plenty of things to complain about on this team, if you’re so inclined to look for the negative. In two years, for the negative Nancys, I will be glad to not be at the crow table. You will have the option of leaving the board, like a hit and run, or a flyby. I for one will be glad not to have your legacy of bellyaching and complaining on this program.

You do realize they have are ranked 13th in total offense in the whole country right? Got to give CSU credit. They have a legit offense.

“I for one will be glad not to have your legacy of bellyaching and complaining on this program.”

Friend, I’m not sure if this is directed at me or anyone who has concerns about our program and might voice it on a message board.

Like you I’m hopeful and there are positives.

We are coming off our worst season in the history of our program.

I do not put that on these coaches because we all know there was little talent here and it will take time to overcome.

As Clay suggests, we are playing lot of freshmen and that of course will take a toll.

I may likely be in the minority on Chavis where I have some doubts at this stage of his career after both his successes and mixed reviews at top SEC programs.

No doubt he knows his stuff and may have one hand tied around his back with youth to play.

But I think it’s ok to question the clear lack of containment regardless of talent in first half in particular, and giving up a little less than a thousand yards on D these past two games.

I thought D would be a strength and am admittedly disappointed and hoping they can correct going into the much bigger games.

There were some positives on D for sure in second half in particular and hopefully something to build upon.