How do we handle April Fools Day

Do we ask posters to first post Truth or April Fools when talking about players coming and going or coaching rumors etc - so we know whether to be happy or jump out a window?

Could be a rough day - ha

I haven’t acknowledged the fool in some time. Wouldn’t have remembered until you posted this. But to answer your question, I’d give tomorrow’s post the same weight I give them any other day. There’s always a bunch of fools you have to sift through to figure out the truth.


I was going to post the 1st April fools reply here at 12:01 AM. It was good to, but I fell asleep and forgot what it was now.

Maybe it was the one on Hogville.

The Muss Bus’ next stop: Austin, TX :joy::rofl: didn’t take long for a meltdown

If the post has to do with a motorcycle rider, then I’d discount it’s validity.


What Hog fan will ever forget that day. My neighbor told me and I just laughed.

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