How do we get out of last place SEC West?

Just enjoyed beating a small in-state school at a place we can not invite recruits.

Please tell me again how playing UAPB and in LR helps flagship program goals as some leadership may believe.

What happens rest of the season?

Thrilled that we have a coach who cares about improving program and recruiting so we might one day be a conference and national power.

Hopeful whoever brought us this weekend shares hopes for state’s flagship program.

Playing in Little Rock has nothing whatsoever to do with football, recruiting or athletic leadership. It is 100% politics.


How many recruits do you think would be itching to hop a jet plane to watch Arkansas club UAPB like a baby seal?

If recruiting isn’t important to a program trying to get out of last place in the SEC West, what is important?

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I only saw 1 half of clubbing. The 2nd half was complete garbage. I would much prefer to have 20k more in the stands and recruits on the sidelines. This game today was a whole bunch of nothing that got us 1 more win. I’m just glad nobody got hurt.

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Who said it’s not important?

Recruits were there. It would have been a second half of “ garbage “ in Fayetteville too. Not sure about 20,000 more though

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Where were all of the posts bitching about “ losing a recruiting weekend” leading up to and after the A& M game?

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I’ve read more than a few complaining about playing in Dallas


Well it’s certainly a bigger impact than Little Rock game in terms of official visits.

#7 A&M would have been a huge draw for big time official visitors.

UAPB? Not so much. Western Carolina in 2023 and UAPB won’t be big draws either. These are the types of games to play at WMS.


I guess we should just be glad that this glorified scrimmage today was televised, because the basketball game in LR won’t be. And you know very well, Jackson, that recruits, even if they are there, can’t be wined and dined in LR the way they can be in Fayetteville. One more thing, I guarantee that more than 40k would have been on hand today in Razorback Stadium. It was a beautiful day in NWA.

Home games should be played on the hill! Period. If they want a non conference game in Jerry’s world go for it. But conference games at home!
You could play UAPB in Pine Bluff or on the moon it wouldn’t make much difference.
My thoughts on the subject are pretty clear. Look at the investment made to RRS! Play home games there period!
Players shouldn’t have to load up on a bus and travel a few hours for a home game! Then after the game load back up and bus back to the hill!
Get UAPB to play a few conference games in Little Rock at WMS and why not ASU have them bus in from Jonesboro! See how excited they are to travel.


I’m no expert at any part of football except for being a lifelong, rabid fan. However, my opinion is that playing a game a year in LR helps bond other parts of the state to the Hogs and also keeps a chunk of $$ flowing in from the central Arkansas money people such as the $tephen$. I don’t know whether it’s a net win but these reasons are what I believe the “politics” are all about.

I’m sure there are those that will disagree with me but the games should ALL be played in Fayetteville now. That offers the most to the football team. Not Dallas. Not Little Rock. We aren’t going to get recruits out of Little Rock just because we play a game there. If the money people want that game in LR over playing it in Fayetteville then they have selfish interests and don’t want the best for the UA.


The thing is that our opinion doesn’t count. It’s politics. That means those with the most money or the ability to make the biggest stink ensure those we put in office do what THEY want, which may or may not reflect what WE want.

Sure, we can throw our opinion around, but unless we throw enormous amounts of greenbacks with that opinion, it doesn’t matter a bit.

Does make it right, but it sure is how it works.

So, recruiting be damned, Fayetteville stadium be damned. It’s all about what those with the deepest pockets want. It’s a testament to the amount of pressure being placed to drop it down to a single meaningless game each year, but I would be shocked (pleasantly) if I saw the games go away in my lifetime.

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The answer to the question has nothing to do with playing in Little Rock. We get out of last place by beating MSU, LSU, and Mizoo. We have a chance at landing mid-pack this year, which is an improvement over many recent years by any measure and a legitimate bowl team. It is also certainly reachable, barring key injuries.

Recruit and get depth! Injuries take the hogs talent out for games or the rest of the season and without those players it changes the way the offense or defense performs.
KJ for part of the A&M game and since the A&M game Catlon played hurt for a few games now he is out for the year.

Another way to improve get the refs to call fairly and have an effective replay booth that’s transparent and gets calls right!

I don’t know the exact recruiting rules, but CSP feels it hurts recruiting to lose an on-campus home game. I’ll defer to him. The A&M game was supposed to counter that by fiving us an annual game in DFW. That was fine for a time, but now that A&M is in the SEC and we play them annually anyway, that advantage was somewhat lessened.

But two games where we lose the ability to host recruits is apparently enough of a disadvantage that the coach doesn’t like it. Perhaps the rules have changed since we were playing half our home games in LR.

Regardless, the advantages that once came with a strong LR presence have just about disappeared. At least they’re no longer as strong as they once were.

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There’s no advantage to playing off campus when it comes to recruiting!

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The 11am kickoff hurts recruiting as much has anything. Hard to impossible for some kids to be there.