How do we fix O line for SEC run?

Yes, there were some good positives against NM State, but NM State also shoved us around a lot on run plays we would have dominated two years ago.

We know we need more SEC talent and hopefully that is a huge priority in recruiting.

But is there anything more that can be done this year even with scotch taping a line together?

The only thing that worked to helped aginst A&M was a rear end chewing. I thing they need to put the best 5 out there and leave them! Changing isn’t the answer they need to get the best 5. Work with them after film study and coach them up!

I tend to agree. Seems we have been tinkering the last two years and line has clearly regressed from coach’s third season.

Start by not running into the teeth of the defense when they have 8 (or 9 when they were often blitzing) in the box and greatly outnumber us.

O-line coach?

Sadly Colton didn’t have a great game again.

He continually lets the wrong guy go through and gets beat on speed rush to the outside

It makes me sad because I really was pulling for him. I really want him to succeed.

I’ve been rooting for him too.

On the play you’re referencing he’s supposed to take the inside guy and the RB picks up the outside. He did neither.

It’s weird bc some of the mistakes are basic. If all else fails block someone, anyone, before you just whiff.

Isn’t that the truth. On one series were we had so may plays inside the 5 (finally did score thank goodness), you could see them line up to stop the run, then the backers were clearly run blitzing up the middle. I kept screaming “anything but up the middle!”, what did we run? Up the middle for a loss. If I can see that running up the middle isn’t going to work, surely the QB can see it, can’t he? Does he not have the authority to change the play? It didn’t have to be changed to a pass, it could have be changed to a run on the side (the left side looked pretty open).

It’s so frustrating. It’s like he has turned into a more conservative HDN with worse defenses. Let that sink in for a minute.

We have to hope Ramirez can improve at RT so that we can move Gibson to RG full time. I am still amazed that neither Wallace or Merrick have gotten pissed about not playing to flip on the switch.

I would fully expect Wallace and Merrick to ask for release and transfer to try to play. Our coaches can’t seem to help them, both have physical talent than either of our two tackles yet that can’t get on the field. Our line has some of the worst offensive tackle play I’ve seen for Hogs.

one of the things i will remember about the beilema era is my sense of dread when we get the ball first and goal at the one

Clary got blowed up yesterday.

It’s the OL coach, it’s the OL recruiting , and the development.

I have to say I hope they do transfer. If CBB that has put so many Olineman into the NFL can’t get them motivated, then I say there is a problem with the Player. Anderson didn’t recruit the guys. Pittman recruited them and had them for over a year to analyze and create off season work to make them improve. If you have a HC that has a well documented history of putting OL into the NFL and a former NFL assistant as your OL coach, then you should be able to learn and develop like Froholdt, Gibson, Ragnow, and even Clary. I would point fingers at development of the coaches if none of the players were developing BUT they took a blank slate (froholdt) and taught him quite well enough to be considered ALL SEC. Think about that long and hard…

Clary got BLOWN up because he is like Raulerson last year - too light for the bigger SEC DT’s. NMSU had some stud DT’s that really require Gibson at Guard but Clary will need to give him a breather for a few snaps. Clary is 20 lbs of muscle from being a stud.

Let’s revisit Barry Alvarez comments this week about lineman. Wisconsin grows big Scandinavian men up there and BB benefitted from having those instate. Pittman is gettin a lot of blame for where we are and he deserve some. But skipper, ragnow, and Denver Kirkland were his recruits too. Tell me who we’ve signed since he left that looks like a solid contributor? Clary was a gift unto the laps of the coaches and he needed to redshirt. I place some blame on BB and Anderson, no way a walk on guard should be starting at tackle.

Totally agree

Start with a new OLine coach, Anderson is not getting the job done, four games into the season and we’re moving people around like checkers.

Why can’t Raulerson break the top 5 and claim one of the starting spots?

He’s gained the 20 pounds of muscle, this is his second year under Anderson, why can’t he develop to be a starter? How does Raulerson get passed by a true freshman who was developed at Fayetteville High?