How do we fire the BOT?

If it turns out they screwed this up…

Not sure you can.

They need to be called out. They need to get some of this heat.

We don’t even know if this is screwed up. Let the facts come out before we predetermine what the outcome is.

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I said in another thread (had to clarify), it’s not all of the BOT, but maybe 2-3 that definitely give AD’s headaches

The only person that has ever been held accountable for a bad hire I’m the past has been the coach himself and the AD!

After a good nights sleep I’m hoping for good news today. We will know at some point today if it’s a dog and pony show!

That is a fact.

It’s not hard to figure out who it is either if you think about it.

Your esteemed governor appointed several of these people. 10 year terms I think. Vote him out of office, I guess.

This might not have anything to do with the BOT.

It might be HY not liking being played by Sexton after he had an agreement in place.

Or maybe both

In times like these, we always hear that “the facts” or “the rest of the story” will be told after the process is done, but that never happens. We never get the whole story, it just festers and lingers until next time we have a situation like this and it all boils up again and it becomes just a rumor/accusation feast.

And I understand why we never hear it all. I get it. It has to suck to be a reporter during times like these. You have tons of contacts, get tons of information, see or hear things, but got to be very careful and not burn any bridges that provide you with your livelihood. That’s a tough path to tread.

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Hunter KNEW he was going to be played by agents.

That should not have been a shock.

The shock to him is likely having BOT meddle and leak to Wally so they could appear big guys in social circles calling the shots.

We are told that we have all the money we need for a coach and we won’t negotiate when agents playing us?

That’s the business the AD is in.

So we are offended an agent does his work?

I doubt that’s it at all.

If Hunter wanted Kiffin, we have resources to make that work - short of BOT pulling plug.

Wally and BOT need be called out. We wonder why we are seen as little Arkansas.

I’m wondering if Hunter decides to leave for a place where they have higher expectations and ability.

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I hope I live long enough to see Wally fired, retired or …

I want to see a reporter with the stones to call out the actual names of the interfering BOT members.

Again, too many people are giving the BOT too much credit on what you think is going on.

Let the facts come out first.

When an AD has to even present a football coach to a BOT it is the epotime of micro management. Companies that micro manage never get too far. Hire the president, let the president hire the AD, then get out of the way and let them do their jobs. Pretty frickin simple.

Who’s to say that’s not happening?

You don’t know and neither do I.

We need to, we do not belong in the SEC. We refuse to do what it takes. But, we’ll have the cheapest coach in the SEC !

And be kissed when he wins a 3rd straight 2 games in a season