How do they handle extra schollie if Joe comes back?

Now that it seems the Indiana transfer puts us one over the limit.

Maybe we are paying luxury tax for going over the roster limit. LOL.



Someone has to leave. This move suggests to me that they think IJ is leaving but it could also be that someone else on the holdover list is out. Speculation has centered on Chaney and Henderson. Of those two Reggie would be my guess.

I hope neither of those guys leaves. Both are just about to bust out and play some really good ball for us. I guess this is what happens when you have a coach who can recruit well. There is not a lot of room for guys who might be players…they must be players to stay.

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That’s my thought; Muss has been recruiting like crazy with no schollies. Seems to suggest a lot.

Certainly don’t want to lose Chaney.

I wonder about Vanover given roster and all the grad transfers.

I think some have suggested a good shot when wide open but as we take program up a notch can he bring some paint O and D.

I don’t know his game and of course root for him to develop and he seems like a fantastic young man.

Chaney or Henderson maybe as well.

Practically speaking if Joe were to announce in August he’s coming back, does it leave enough time for someone to transfer even I wonder?

Vanover is not going anywhere. He will be a major piece of our picture going forward. Guarantee Muss has big plans for Connor and the mismatches he will create.


You left one name out. I know he will not be happy if he does not start next year. Hope he stays.


Yes Desi.

I promise you I will use that on radio this week. Credit to you. Love it.

Just guessing, but I’d think Desi’s chances of starting are pretty low with this incoming line-up. His per game minutes, along with everyone else’s, will probably decrease too. I really like Desi, and his game. I hope he can be happy staying and contributing with 12-18 meaningful minutes on a MUCH improved team with seeding rather than bubble on their minds.

Exactly. Desi is an intense and highly competitive guy. He has proven himself at high major level for two years and none of these other guys have. And he will be one of the three guys returning that know the system. Let’s see.

The way players look at a deep roster is different than the way we fans do. We are kidding ourselves if we think players love competing for a spot on the team. Players like playing with great players but not playing behind them.

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I would hate to lose Desi. I love the way he plays and the heart he has. Desi reminds me so much of Beck. If someone has to go, I would much prefer losing Chaney than Desi.

I promise connor is playing for the hogs this fall, unless the season is cancelled.

He loves fayetteville, Muss loves him, his mom played for lady razorbacks (she was on the team that gave the Shorthorns their first EVER conference loss in basketball), and his grandma can’t wait to see him in a hog uni.

I really can’t wait to see how he does, FINALLY in a hog uni.


Not having seen the transfers and new signees in a Hog uniform, I’m going with Desi starting the first game, if only for his defense and experience. I expect him to have improved all parts of his game during the off-season. Vanover also gets a nod because of his size and having a year in the system. So, those two aren’t going anywhere. Chaney will have to have improved his mental game to be able to play this year. He let the game get to his head too often last season. Up until late this season, I would have said Henderson would be on thin ice, but he came on strong at the end.

I think we’ll have an answer to this very soon.

Now that’s great news. Well, if he’s not coming back, it won’t be “great news”, but at least we will know, which is better than remaining in limbo.