How do some of these guys get a Radio Show

So, I was listening to drive time sports, I don’t listen to it to often, but seen someone on twitter post a link saying they were recapping the Arkansas vs Vanderbilt game. And the host of the show was just being negative about the Razorback basketball team the whole time. He was spending time coming up with nicknames for them on how they are always being in close games and not putting teams away, he was complaining about the free throws, complaining about how certain guys shouldn’t be shooting the ball, bashing players abilities, bashing the coaching decisions, and just overall being negative about the basketball team when they have won 4 straight conference games. I didn’t hear a single statistic and I highly doubt he knows any players on the other teams name, because I didn’t hear him mention a single name of one player on Vanderbilt’s team.

You look at Bo’s show, everybody that’s on there whether you disagree with them or not knows their stuff and they can hold a conversation about any of the sports. Bart fills in for Bo, he’s just a producer, but when he’s on you can tell he does his research and make sure he knows all his stuff, he even scouts opponents and gives you information on them.

I was embarrassed as an Arkansan listening to show, I listened to 10 minutes and turned it off, I don’t even know the guys name, but he has a really noticeable country accent (which nothing is wrong with that), but if you’re going to be on the radio you need to at least know know basic statistics and information on the teams. I’m pretty sure not many hog fans wants to listen to a segment of someone literally complaining about everything a team did wrong in a win. I thought I was going to get a recap of the game and hear some thoughts on tournament chance, previewing South Carolina, and get some statistics, all I learned was the 3 or 4 nicknames he’s decided to give them for always being in close games… smh.

Are you sure it was a host? I listen to them pretty regularly and I’ve never heard Rick Shafer, Randy Rainwater, Pat Bradley, Trey Biddy, or Dr. Hill bash the team like you suggest. There are callers like NavyMike that call in regularly to bash the team though.

Are you sure? I’ve never listened to the show either, I live out of state, but the guy I highlighted is a name that almost EVERY MESSAGE BOARD says does exactly what Blu describes.

It was a little rough yesterday. Focused on not be able to put teams away and how the hogs couldn’t put a terrible team away.
I didn’t stay tuned in long eneough to know anymore. Trey Bibby is a football guy so he normally doesn’t talk about basketball much.

As I said, I live out of state, when I finally got to an area I could use the internet to keep up with AR sports, I found the old HI board and recognized Clay’s name. That’s why I joined them back in 07. Dudley was a name I saw people reference a lot, but didn’t know who he was (glad I didn’t find Hogville first). He’s actually outstanding. I saw him retweet RD one day, so I followed him and he followed me back (he was the 2nd person to actually follow me on Twitter, my wife was first). Through those two, and the various message boards, I’ve kind of got an idea of who knows and who doesn’t. Randy seems to get the Wally Hall treatment on most of the boards. So, I’ve kind of ignored him

I’ve not listened to Arkansas radio since I moved in 1997 (even on the internet). So I have no idea about who says what. But one thing you have to keep in mind on radio is that it’s a business and hosts will say controversial things to stir up debate/interest. Pat Lynch on KARN was very good at doing this back in the day. And it served him well for years.

Again I have no idea but that could be part of what is happening.

I get 100% of my Hog news here for the reasons the poster gave before. Accurate, timely and well written is the hallmark of HI. Not to mention the history Clay (and others) bring with their long term relations to everyone involved in Razorback sports.

It is hard to get Bo’s show in central Arkansas but when Clay or Dudley are on or Bo is interviewing someone I try and listen. I don’t listen to hear Bo pontificate. I hear it is going off the air and will only be on podcast.
Randy Rainwarter I believe was the first to start sports talk radio in Arkansas. At least he has been doing it longer than any of the other talk radio guys. I have noticed lately he does take a more negative view than the others on his show. He is also the least knowledgeable. Rick is always postiive toward the Razorbacks and probably has more knowledge of historic facts about the Hogs than anyone else except possibly Clay. Nevetheless, Randy gets a pass because he has been around so long and it is his show.

Yep, I just went to their website, and looked who it was up, it’s that guy. And yea, I don’t listen often, maybe heard him 3 times this year, never listened before this year. Each time was him bashing the hogs.

One time when I listened he said something that absolutely blew my mind on how little he knew about basketball. He asked the co-host what was their percentage shooting the 3 pointer vs the 2 pointer, and then was like they shoot a higher percentage from 2 pointer right, so why are they taking 3 pointers. He said if he was CMA anybody that took a 3 outside of Joe and Jones he would be bench them.

Literally every team in the country shoots better from 2 than from 3. And if you have a team where literally only 2 people are allowed to shoot the ball outside of the paint, you’re going to be pretty easy to guard. And we wouldn’t have won the LSU or Vanderbilt game, because we had guys step up and make shots. Like the stuff I’ve heard him say is just very uninformed and makes me think he doesn’t either A. Like CMA or the hogs, B. Just doesn’t know much about basketball, or C. Both.

It I see not hard to listen to Bo’s show in Central Arkansas. It us on AM 920.

In my opinion, he’ll bring up issues that other callers are bringing up, but I don’t think he goes over the top with it. That said, I didn’t hear the show Blu is referencing so I can’t say anything on that.

You can trust what Clay, Matt, Dudley and Richard have to write. They all have my respect! They are hogs at heart.
The Henry name alone carries a lot of weight.