How do our coaches salaries compare to SEC

And to traditional powers in top ten I wonder?

Saw the link on Lunneys raise which shows our top two assistants at 800 and 700k.

Seems low to me compared to top programs in SEC or nationally but I’m not sure.

Our total asst coaches’ salaries for 2016 were 10th in the SEC. The SEC is so far above the other Power 5 conferences that 10th in the SEC is 17th in the country. I haven’t seen anything yet for 2017.

Thanks. Sounds like a bargain.

…and that’s why our contracts include an SEC non-compete.

That’s good because without a non compete, we evidently don’t pay what the top 9 in front of us pay in our own conference if our guys wanted to make more in conference.

Hopeful for the day when we pay equivalent to our national expectations.

You’re right. That non-compete means we don’t have to keep up with the joneses to the same extent. If they can’t leave for an in-conference foe, and only a select few outside the SEC pay more than us, we take away assistants’ leverage.