How do I stop ads

This site is so full of ads one can’t click on anything without multiple ads popping up. Is there an app one can load and if so how do I apply it? Can I change settings in any way. I love the content, but I now go to another site first to get hog news because of all the ads and it is difficult to navigate this site. Work needs to be done to make it more user friendly. Figure out how to go to classic view like we had on scout.

Download Purify ad blocker for your mobile devices. That solves it.

I like Purify. If you are using it and you want the videos to play on your iPad/iPhone, you have to white list:

Then the ad will play and you can watch the video. Otherwise, nothing happens when you try to play the video.

If you are looking at the site on a desktop, you shouldn’t be overrun with ads as long as you have a pop-up blocker.

I use Purify on my iPhone and love it. It doesn’t work on my iPad mini, since I don’t have an iPad mini with a version number. :frowning:

I use Adblock Plus with the Firefox browser on my laptop.

Unfortunately I have an Android and haven’t been able to find Purify ad blocker in the Playstore. They have some other form of Purify, but it doesn’t say anything about adblocking. :frowning:

I still get the unread posts pop up each time I try to hover. Very annoying.