How do I change my board username?

I was Jhawg, now I am jakey23. i want to change it back to Jhawg. Anyone?


Do what? I thought that could not be done? Unless you quit and then returned?

I want basketball tickets on Gucci Row Matt.


Done! I’m close, LOL

I want Jhawg back! Oh don’t go changing…And for your profile picture, I think you should be wearing a Razorback helmet, sans facemask, with a big wide chrome stripe down the middle of the helmet. Cause that how I picture you in my mind.

Now that was funny…

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Thanks, Matt. It has been changed. I feel like myself, again.

Did Jakey23 post anything ?

I want to sit by Gas

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Curious, Matt. I made the mistake of spelling my username as borehog and a couple years ago, wanted to correct it too boarhog. I was told it couldn’t be done. Has something changed? I guess it’s not a big deal, but it always bothered me that I made the wrong reference.

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Unless that username has been taken, I can change it for you. Let me know if that is what you want.

If you can, I would appreciate it. If it is a case of someone already with that name then I see where I couldn’t change it. Thanks, Matt


Great! Thanks, Matt!

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