How did we miss getting Christyn Williams?

Best player in the nation in her class-and we seemed to never be in it. Did the coaching change hurt us here, or did she just want to play for an NC for four years?

The latter.

I’m told that Coach Neighbors might have had a shot if he had been here long enough to show that his team was a contender for the national title.

But it is hard for a young lady to turn down UConn no matter where she is from.

I heard her say that she wanted to go out of state. Wanted to experience new and different environments not just basketball related. No knock on the in-state schools. This was early in the recruiting process.

I don’t see what’s so hard about it places don’t make people; PEOPLE make places…Like Coach Chad Morris said “you can go somewhere and just be another guy or you can come here and be the guy” I think many of these kids are just steered by the many misleading people giving misleading advice for the most part

I thought she said after the national anthem fiasco last year and the response of some fans to it that she wouldn’t go to Arkansas at all. May not remember that correctly. But the idea of playing for the very best is mighty enticing.

I get it…for ladies basketball, when U Conn offers, it’s hard to say no. They sign very few players every year, and you have the opportunity to win a championship every year.

It’s also the same when Bama offers in football. As long as Saban is there, it’s gonna really be tough.

I thought someone mentioned that as well.

Hmmmmm. Wonder why some don’t get it if Arkansas loses a men’s basketball player to a Kentucky as long as Calipari is there.

Not an appropriate comparison. Geno and Saban offer a virtual guarantee of NC rings, probably multiple rings. That isn’t what Squid is selling. He’s selling an NBA pipeline, which is bull; if you’re good enough to play in the NBA, the NBA will find you. Which is why all these Europeans keep getting drafted in the first round. Squid has 1 national title to his name and I wouldn’t be surprised if that one gets taken away

That was another factor. But not one of the deciding ones.

But that deal will linger in all sports for awhile, especially how fans reacted and threatened harm to some of the young ladies.

It’s made Mike Neighbors’ job harder, but can be overcome.

The lunatic fringe deserves some blame.

I think the lunatic fringes, plural, deserve the blame for this kind of lunacy. Anyone threatening physical harm to another person should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I don’t know how many people actually threatened the anthem protesters. I suspect a few but not many. My response was to simply quit caring about the 2016-2017 Arkansas Women’s basketball team. Conservatives have been getting attacked by mobs and denied speaking engagements on college campuses for quite some time now. Both fringes are equally repulsive. The lunatic left however, has been far more successful recently at carrying out acts of violence on college campuses.

And that’s truly sad. Fans may be short for fanatics, but there comes a time when some overstep the boundaries. Threatening harm to anybody is overstepping boundaries. And usually has collateral damage.

Yes, they are selling different things, but what is common is that it is hard to turn down when some coaches come calling. Calipari is one of those. It is about the aura and perception.

Umm Eagle these ain’t liberals carrying tiki torches on a college campus:

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“Making Pay Boards Great Again”

If my memory and observations over the years are correct, the top girl basketball players are far more likely to play out-of-state. I think girls have a different mindset than the boy. I believe boys grow up being Razorback and girls could care less.

However, if my observations and opinions have merit, I suppose it equalizes out because top girl basketball players from other states are also more likely to leave their home state. And, recently, our out-of-state signees seems to indicate that.

RD posted a link a few days ago that had the girls rankings. We currently have the third ranked class for 2019, and Neighbors has the number 13 overall considering us. Plus, there was another ESPN 4* that RD spoke about. Coach Neighbors is kind of like Chad Morris, they’re both swinging for the fences, and maybe connecting.

As for out of state, I’m not sure, I don’t follow women’s hoops enough to say if that’s the norm or not, I do know when I was younger if Pat Summit offered, you jumped at the chance, I think that’s where Geno is currently, but just as Geno caught up to Pat, I think some coaches are starting to catch up to him.