How did UT look against Wake Forest?

UT and WF were 36-35 at the half but UT shot 59% from the field in the 2nd half. Jeez did WF fall apart in the second half or did UT play over their heads…or both?

Wake played well in the first half. UT is just better. They were about a 2 point favorite that we gave out as a strong play. They have a nice team. That said if I can get the Hogs at less than about 4 points I’ll be all over it. If we win that one the road looks a lot less daunting.

The Vols are up and down! They have trouble closing. Like our did a few years back. If we keep them off the offensive backboard we will beat them. They rely on the 3 and the offensive glass.
They block a lot of shots and take chances on defense.
They have a JUCO transfer that can flat out hit the 3 and he plays soft defense.
They rebound better on offensive end than what they do on the defensive end. I’m making this judgement with looking at SEC stats. They will turn the ball over.

So far they have closed everyone except Villanova and North Carolina. They for sure did not close against UNC with a real chance to win that game. Villanova never let them get in a position to close. Nova had fine defensive effort in that game. UT has played mostly a high major schedule. I have watched them several times. If we bring anything less than our A- game it will be very difficult to win. For some reason though I expect a great game from us against them.

I don’t expect Tennessee to beat our hogs on the hill! We take better care of the ball than they do! That alone will win ball games. If we could ever get some zebras than can and will blow the whistle on both ends of the floor we can also beat North Carolina. I have watched every SEC team play numerous games as well as other games. Just the AP voters the coaches and the refs our hogs get no respect!
We may see Some unexpected plays made by some young hogs Saturday aginst the Vols. I hope Gafford stays out of foul trouble. Trey has had sucess stopping the Vols big man in the past.