How did the visit go for Williams?

Did he enjoy himself , any reaction to the Moody commit?

Visit recap from RD:

Very candid comments by Jaylin in the last paragraph. Spells out why all these kids are signing late.

I think the Chad Morris experiment may be playing a role here. Chad came in with similar hype as Muss, with videos, marketing techniques, was great at recruiting, but when rubber hit the road, hype wasn’t justified.

Now Muss has a lot more going for himself and a significantly better resume, and it is not likely that the same thing will happen with Muss. But in the back of their mind, they know all the details about the Morris debacle and they may just want to see how Muss does this year before putting their signature on it.

That is the only explanation for committing now but signing late.

But for us fans, it sure is annoying. Keeping me on the edge. Just don’t want drama every year. I am sure it is a lot worse for Muss,

I said this a few weeks ago and was told I was wrong.

On the other hand, I wonder what is the advantage to the player to commit but sign late. Put the scholarship in layaway?

Did I say were wrong or did I disagree with you? Big difference.

I believe if Moses doesn’t sign that it will be because he hopes Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky or Virginia might come in at the end for him.

To me that is like being engaged, but keeping your side chick up until your wedding day.

With Jaylin, I think he will certainly end up here if Moses and the others end up doing so as well.

I don’t think it is because they don’t believe that Eric Musselman can’t coach or doesn’t know what he is doing. And I doubt any of the kids have given Chad Morris a thought unlike us adults.

With Virginia, they did come in. Is it possible they asked him to wait till Spring to see if scholarship opens up? Same thing Arkansas did with Dusty Hannahs.

I didn’t say that recruits believe Muss cannot coach or anything. Nobody thought when hired that Morris could not coach. That is not what any recruit thinks of. They would not be engaged with the school if that was the case. It is about the intangibles and unpredictable things happening.

There is no advantage to the player. That early commit is a positive for the Razorbacks. I like that part, and I think the players are saying, I really want to be a member of the Arkansas Razorbacks, but after the football fiasco, I just want to watch some games to cement the decision. I think there’s still a chance a couple will sign early if the team (and coach) looks really good these first few games.

Like I said to PJ the other day this can also backfire on the kid too. I’m not saying it will and I personally don’t want it too. Say someone blows up over the period between fall and spring or a grad transfer wants to come we may have a number crunch. I’m not sure how I feel about someone using me hoping for something better.

Muss did a lot better job of coaching at Nevada than Morse did at SMU and his resume is light years ahead by growing up and coaching in the NBA. I’m like Duds, I don’t think watching the season has near as much to do with not signing as the shot at securing a blue blood offer.