How did Quitman and Hector tie last night?

I thought sister kissin was outlawed in Arkansas years ago.

Probably weather

Hector said ahhh I quit man.

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I don’t think overtime applies to non-conference games in Arkansas.

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Arkansas may have different rules, but NFHSA rules call for overtime in nonconference games.

It might have changed — I don’t keep up with AAA rules too closely — but in the past there was not overtime in non-conference games because they do not count toward playoff qualification.

That is the way it used to be, I THINK it still is

It dawned on me that I’ve probably been to close to 100 non-conference high school games and none have ever been tied at the end of regulation.

In the vague recesses of my memory, I think the Arkansas rules have bounced around a little. Originally there was no OT in nonconference, then I think it changed, and not sure if it changed back. I’ll try to do some research

Actually I think Quitman said that, after being hectored by Hector to play on after regulation. Winners never quit and Quitman never wins!

I texted someone who has been covering Arkansas high school football since the 70s. He says there is OT in nonconference games, which could have happened last night in the Arkadelphia-Hot Springs game I posted about earlier. Arkadelphia just decided to go for the win in regulation.

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