How did our DL do?

How many of our DL played? Do I remember that CBB proudly stated that he had 14 DL ready to play SEC quality football? I’d love to hear that a substantial number of them rotated through the game, helping keep fresh DL in the game.

Karl Roesler
Taiwan Johnson
Jeremiah Ledbetter
Deatrich Wise

McTelvin Agim
JaMichael Winston
Randy Ramsey
Austin Capps
Bijhon Jackson
Tevin Beanum

That’s 10 guys.

I was pretty impressed with the DL, given that La Tech got the ball out of Smith’s hands so quick. They regularly got pressure when La Tech was faced with longer yardage and had to use routes that took longer to develop.

Ramsey had the big sack and strip that wound up being key with La Tech missing the FG. Wise and Ledbetter had the key combo sack. I thought Wise was disruptive most of the game. Taiwan Johnson looked more comfortable at nose. And Karl Roesler had some very nice rushes off the edge. Probably should’ve noted him in my film study, but it was bordering on 2,000 words. He looked very quick.

They gave up 3.4 yards per carry but about 5 on non-sacks. Obviously that 31-yarder right before half hurts that. Taking that away, it was 3.6 yards per carry even without sacks. Pretty solid.

Thanks, Jimmy. Your film review of the game was a fun and super timely read. Really appreciate your effort. Hope you can perform film review after all games.

That’s the plan. Thanks for reading!

Agree, the film piece was very informative and rather spot on. Enjoyed it.

I liked the way Capps played in the second half. He seemed very disruptive when La Tech tried to run, and got in on a couple of tackles.

Agreed. He and Agim each had two tackles. That’s going to be a salty duo the next few years.

Our Dline is going to be very good for the next 2-4 years depending on how long Agim sticks around. Agim, Capps, Marshall and Guidry are an amazing group of signees. I hope that we RS Guidry and Marshall as planned, because both of those guys are going to be special. DE loses a bunch of SR after this year, but still has a few players for next year. I would not be surprised to Agim drop lbs and move back to DE more next year.