How did our backup LB's look?

My daughter and I left the game early, so I didn’t get to see them play. I was very concerned that Brooks and Dre were still in the game late in the 3rd quarter. Our LB’s have got to get some breathers from reserves, because Brooks and Dre are winded from all the snaps they are playing. I can not understand why Brooks and Dre were still in the game after 28-35 points. The same could be said for QB. We can’t afford to lose starters to injury while playing when the game is out of reach. I think the next phase of improvement on Defense is when the LBs are playing fresh in the 4th quarter.

I agree. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely am 100% a fan of Coach B. However we can still worry over things that pop up and don’t really make sense. We are paper thin at QB yet Austin is still in the game second half…? JWill’s injury is well known but he’s still in there in second half in spite of needing to establish other runners…? Not bashing just asking what I believe are legitimate concerns.

Woody, I will disagree with the statement that we are thin at QB.

8 \tAustin Allen \tJR \t6-1 \t209
15 \tCole Kelley \tFR \t6-7 \t258
18 \tJack Lindsey \tFR \t6-3 \t184
14 \tCarson Proctor \tFR \t6-4 \t211
5 \tTy Storey \tR-FR \t6-2 \t212
9 \tRicky Town \tR-FR \t6-3 \t214

I don’t know Marty. I thought Storey looked pretty skinny. I wish I could give him a few pounds.

he probably meant paper thin in regards to EXPERIENCE.

exactly Hog Treat!!!

Got to remember that this was AA’s 3rd game as a starting QB. He can use the reps particularly with conference play next week. It’s a little harder to understand leaving Dre and Ellis in. On the other hand, with all the new sets - some with 4 LBs - maybe they can use the practice, too.

AA does need snaps but he could also get hurt on a meaningless play. The LBs are my strongest concern as that is an area that could be the next phase of improvement on our defense. Our LBs are not fresh in the 3rd and 4th quarters and it shows.

Definitely thin if you consider what the change in performance would be, moving from first to second.


and if I remember right Enos called a designated QB run in the 3rd quarter. No. I do not agree with that.

It would be great to let Josh Williams knock the rust off too. I think we have to get Eugene and Harris a lot of snaps.