How did moody's visit go

witnessed a good game with a packed house. hope he saw he was very much needed. wonder how his visit went.

Good point, was wondering the same and surprised not hardly a mention of it except he’d be here with his parents.

At one point he was dancing in the aisle. His mom never missed a chance to call the Hogs. His dad was very polite when he walked in front us 2 times while looking for his seat. Sitting nearby were 2 or 3 very tall recruits. Young Mr. Moody was also very polite when spoken to. He is thicker and taller than I thought.

Here’s a quote from Moses for a story I am working on:

“The Razorbacks are still looking good,” Moody said. “I see the system and the process coach has implemented and they are fun to watch. They don’t have any quit in them and they fight to the end every night.”

I covered baseball with Matt ill this weekend and didn’t get a chance to catch up with him except via text.

Planning on checking in with him after I get done with Hawgs Illustrated Recruiting issue later today.

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