How did Moody visit go??

What are we hearing? Did he seem to like his visit, gel with Coach Muss and staff. Anyone got anything

There is a picture on the twitter with the coaching staff.

I’m told it went very well.

Hoping to get some comments from his and/or his dad soon.

That’s great to hear!! He would be a major get for this staff. thanks!

Has any visit ever not officially gone well?

When Bradie James looked around RRS and asked where the rest of the stadium was.

The guy whose name I can’t remember who spent his visit recruiting other guys to come to a different school with him.

Yes. I don’t think his official visit here went great because of Kelly Bryant mania happening that weekend and him being somewhat overlooked by the fans.

That’s something those around him brought up.

And so we are clear, I am not blaming fans.

It just was how it went down.

Breeland Speaks, who is now now an LB for Kansas City Chiefs

Devin White, who was jetting around on his hoverboard.

Michael Dyer and his group, who were miffed at Bobby Petrino for cussing at his players while they were there.

The was also a LB whose name I can’t remember that ended up going to USC, who made it clear that he was above Arkansas and was not popular during his visit.

Mutually agreed that he would leave earlier.

But stuff like that never has been part of official statements by the recruit on their OV. I think that is what Niels is referring to. You hear that later through rumor mill.

Twitter wasn’t a thing then, but I doubt Bradie James was telling reporters what a wonderful time he had on the Hill. Michael Dyer either.

I was more referring to the honest feel of everything. We have a lot of guys come on visits and go through the motions and say the polite thing when talking about the visit and staff. Sometimes you can actually feel the genuine energy and excitement around a recruit though. Moody grew up around the state and knows how passionate the fan base is. I was more wondering if he was blown away and we have a real shot or going to be like a Monk situation. I feel like this kid is special

It won’t be a Monk situation because he still does not have offers from the elite schools. The family is still hoping he will get those offers. Before the coaching change it was Ohio State or Arkansas. I think it is still the same.

PJ, what’s the Ohio State connection? You may have said before but I’ve forgotten.

Told me that he loved Ohio State’s coaching staff.

There’s also no doubt another former NLR standout in his ear about the place.

Thanks Dudley.

Dudley beat me to it. However, I am glad he said what I wanted to say. It is more believable.

One other thing. Moses has become good friends with EJ Liddell, who signed with Ohio State as part of the 2019 class.