How did Henderson and

The 6’8 D-3 transfer look during the scrimmage?

Henderson looked the same as always - lost. He did have one impressive offensive rebound where he got the rebound and went back very quickly for the dunk. However, for someone with his height and athletic ability he doesn’t make an impact. He just disappears and has no shot or offensive moves outside of the dunk.

Emeka O is better then your typical walk-on, but I don’t see him playing much. He is much better then say Jonny Holmes, but not as good as a Kikko Haydar in terms of walk-ons.

On our 14 man roster (with 3 not eligible if Vanover is not eligible) Henderson and Emeka are the 9th and 10th men ahead of Ty Stevens. If Chaney, Cylla and/or Bailey are ineffective I see Muss going small before those 2 play.