How did Fouche and Mason look at S?

how did Montaric look at CB? did Gerald play well? How about Austin Capps?

I didn’t watch the game, and I’m not going to, but if any of you endured it, I’d appreciate feedback on ANY positive news that you saw.



Foucha looks a little undersized to me as an SEC FS. I bet he’s 5’10” at best. Flashed some physicality a couple of times and got burned badly for a TD.

I did not see Mason out there much honestly.

Capps looked to me like he was getting handled… Youdaman?

Gerald is going to be good next year - seem to recall him making some tackles.5

Myles didn’t play much.

Fouche did ok, I thought I saw him at least trying to be physical. But I agree looks a little undersized.

First time I’ve seen brown. He definitely looks more like CB than safety.

I still didn’t see SEC prototype safeties. MSU had great safeties. 6 2 and 215/220 and can run.

Hard for young defenders to come in and look good because they have never seen this kind of speed at WR and RB until they get in game. End up taking bad angles because the angle they take in practice won’t work against this kind of speed.

Hopefully next year they can at least practice against better speed.

I like Adcock, Gatlin and Capps physical tools. They look too much like freshmen. Thinking way too much so they end up looking slow or out of place. When they did lock up, they played better than anyone else. When they can play without thinking too much, will look lot better.

We don’t have any safeties that look like what MSU has. Not saying Foucha and Mason can’t be good players, but they are not like the physical specimens you see scattered around this league.

yea pretty sure the announcers on tv said that msu’s safeties are both 1st round picks this year

We’ll find out how good Morehead is in 2019. They will lose 8 starters off that defense plus a several key offensive contributors.

I thought 21 held his own. Gave up some plays but he was right there. Number 5 needs to get in shape and get mean. He’s got the physical ability. Safety? We haven’t had one in so long, looks like it will be longer