How did both D1 & Baseball America miss

on GT? D1 had GT as a 6 seed and Baseball America had them a 9 seed! Most others were pretty accurate.

All of those predictions are just educated guesses, no different than the one I made last night. But at the end of the day the only people who really know are the members of the selection committee, and their opinions can vary greatly from reporters’ opinions.

It’s the same reason both missed on TCU, but the selection committee put TCU in.

I had heard good things about Georgia Tech all year. But they had some tough weekends, too. Win over UCLA. Two wins over Georgia. Win over West Virginia. Those are high quality wins. I imagine the committee really liked those wins.

I would say projecting a team 6th when they ended up the 3 isn’t much of a miss—especially when their RPI was 8.

D1 Baseball does a very good job covering college baseball. If that’s their big miss they did pretty well.

They also had 63 of the 64 team field correct for the 3rd year in a row. To me, GA Tech as the 3 seems like more of a miss on the part of the Committee than D1.

“Mercy” I gotta say Spot On. :sunglasses:

I think you’re right

We’ll see if they got it right. If GT winds up as one of the last four teams standing in Omaha you’d have to say it’s a good call. Last year, Florida was the top seed (and deserved it) and made the final four, but because we owned Brady Singer, didn’t make the NCS. And the #4 seed didn’t even win its home regional (that would be the Rebnecks).