How Did Baylor and T-Tech Become So Good

Transparency, I grew up in the SWC Hog era. But back in my day our Hogs always had their number. We migrate to the SEC…have some marvelous years under Nolan…and then, voila, former lowly SWC schools are playing real basketball.

Go figure.

In the early 70s Tech had the best hoops program in the SWC under Gerald Myers. In fact the Hogs never won at Lubbock until the Triplets did it in 1977 (and Ron Brewer had to hit a 25-footer with 5 seconds left to beat them). They still hold the series edge on us 40-39. But they have only been ranked once in history when we played them (and that was two years ago). Ex-UA assistant James Dickey won two SWC titles there after we left the league, then Bobby Knight came in, later Tubby Smith and now Chris Beard. They’ve had some good coaches.

Baylor? Scott Drew has some Baptist bagmen. He’s a good coach, but do you want to spend four years in Wacko, Texas?

Ok, my first year at Arkansas was 77; a good starting year after a couple years elsewhere. During my years Gerald Myers was just a name, not a concern. The Hogs were really good 76-81.

Beard is one of the best coaches in the country. Period.

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Remember there were many speculations we could lure him here at our last coaching hire.

But I rather like the guy we got instead

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Yes he is. UNLV sure doesn’t like him though. He “Altman(ed)” them. Stayed a few days, then his alma mater, TTech came calling and he said “adios”.

TT is not his alma mater

BS in Kinesiology from U Texas
Masters from Abilene Christian

He had a close connection to Tech. What was it? Was he an assistant there under Bobby Knight?

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He was an assistant under Bobby Knight.

I don’t like driving down toward San Antonio to visit let alone live down there. Waco and that whole part of the Texas might as well be classified a desert.

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