How did Ali get out of his Baylor letter?


Just a comment here - NO “inside information”. So, I’m [color=#BF0000]NOT[/color] saying this is what happened here.

But . . . I believe if a person were to not qualify for admission to “school A”, but still met NCAA standards and did qualify for “School B”, that his LOI to School A would be nullified, enabling him to then sign with School B.

Now, again, I’m not saying that’s what happened. Nor do I know if there is even a scenario where someone who was not academically able to get into Baylor wouild be allowed to enroll at the U of A. I have no idea about those particulars. But, in general, the situation described above is ONE plausible explanation for how it may have been possible.

There may well be others that I’m not thinking of, or - more probably - just am not aware of.

The rumor I believe is Baylor got a surprise commit from a really good JC player, had one too many committed, and, since Arkansas was looking for a big man, they mutually agreed to part ways. That also means that he was probably Baylor’s lowest rated recruit, but, since he has only played basketball for a few years, everyone knows he is a work in progress. JMVVVVVVHO

The first part of that rumor doesn’t mesh with facts as Baylor - while signing Hutchinson CC guard Devonte Bandoo - still has one spot open.

The second part certainly seems plausible as Ali committed to Baylor before Darious Hall and C.J. Jones transferred out.

My belief - although I have not confirmed it with enough sources (3) to go with it yet - is that Ali wanted to come to Arkansas, he is a obvious project and Baylor let him out of the scholarship and everybody is happy.

The only thing that really matters in this entire soap opera is the young man wants to be a hog! I don’t like calling players projects. He needs playing time and experience. He will benefit from practicing against Gafford and he will provide a rim protector while Gafford get to rest during games. He may suprise all of us. I hope so!
I learned long ago that there is no “i” in team. Together we stand divided we fall.
The hogs have talent and we need to support our coach and the players on the roster.

I was very young and I may have it all wrong, but it may have been Wilt Chamberlain when it was stated the team he was considering was not very good replied something like, when I sign, we will be great. Since than, things have no doubt changed but years ago, one super outstanding player could make a team great.

so whether I call him a project or a rising prospect or whatever, I’m not going to say he is the greatest thing since sliced bread and pump him up to unrealistic expectations.

I’m also not going to say that he can’t achieve while he is here. Just trying to keep it real.

He is 6-10, 235. That’s cool.

Dudley as long as he can protect the rim I will be satisfied.

It’s very cool! Plus he dunks. Block shots, alter shots, get in the way, dunk a lot. Very reasonable expectations starting out, that I have for him.

He refused to abuse a single woman on campus…

Simple he asked to be release. I remembered reading a NCAA rule change is coming this season allowing a student athlete to transfer and the coach or school can’t block the process. I would imagine most coaches would release a young man under those circumstances. There is now an opening at the school of his original choice, back in his home state. It didn’t hurt that both schools aren’t in the same conference. Personally I believe he will do well he has a few positive attributes 6’10, 235 and I’ve been told he very athletic, apparently Mike and staff feels they can work that, and clearly the other school’s coaches including the Baylor Coach that signed him saw something positive as well. The most intriguing thought that can be shared is Mr Ali along with Gabe are both bigs that will be with the program for 4yrs.



I certainly think he has a chance to be a productive player for us, if he sticks around and works hard. However, I don’t see him being ready to help us in the 2018-2019 season. He is an ideal redshirt candidate, just as Trey Thompson was his freshman year. As we all know however, redshirting in basketball is strictly forbidden. The skies would open and hellfire and brimstone would rain down on BWA if this were to happen.

I disagree. If he “redshirts” then our inside guys are Ethan Henderson (a 6’6”-6’9” 4 with potential), Reggie Chaney (a 6’7”-6’8” 4 very similar to Marshawn Powell, but Powell had more range), Gabe O (a 6’8” 3/4 with not enough skill to be a 3 and not enough strength to be a four), Bailey (a 6’6” 3/4 very similar to Gabe, but not as much upside in my opinion), and Jordan Phillips (a 6’5-6’7 guard who would be forced to play the 4, and is a better all around player than all our inside guys, except Gafford). Which of these guys will spell Gafford and be able to affect shots?

Now, if you add Ali, you now have a legitimate 6’10 255lb man in the middle to spell Gafford. It allows another “big” that can affect the game, but the biggest thing it does is allow that 6’5-6’7” guard back out to the perimeter to where he is more affective.

I know most on here like to bash our coaching staffs (plural, all sports) for their decisions, but if, like me you’re a pessimist, look at why others are excited, get both sides of the discussion, then decide if there is reason for the pessimism.

Response: it appears Mike don’t redshirt unless it is a medical hardship, I don’t recall his mentor CNR redshirting players that was ready to play in his rotation. Oh by the way Tre did not redshirt his freshman year.