How crazy was the Madness?

According to number cruncher Austin Mock at The Athletic, the chances that San Diego State, Miami, UConn and Florida Atlantic would all make the Final Four were 125,000-1, or 0.0009%.

Yet here they are.

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This is not a good thing for TicketMaster. Not a clamoring for Final Four tickets for this bunch of non-blue bloods. UConn has some history. But not the rest of these teams.

UConn did not travel well to Vegas. We easily outnumbered them

I have seen the first game of the Final Four labeled as the greatest sporting event in the world with the large venue filled with fans of all four teams, each with bands & pep squads, all fired up for their team. This may be the “bargain hunters paradise” for folks who always wanted to attend the Final Four. I wonder if the TV ratings will also be depressed like some are predicting the scalpers’ ticket prices will be?

Good, TicketMaster loves blood on their hands if it comes from someone else.

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I’m sure there are some Taylor Swift fans who wish Ticketmaster had blood all over them.


The least-watched FF game in recent years was Baylor’s blowout of Cougar High in Indy two years ago, 8.36 million. That was the early game. Saturday’s early game is FAU vs SDSU, and it’s likely to come in well under Bayluh-Houston.

Right now you can get a ticket for Saturday on Ticketmaster for $100 in the nosebleeds. Will be interesting to see how prices respond during the week.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, just received notice here in Vegas that delays at the airport are being experienced due to concert attendees headed home.

Uh…I missed that concert.

It would have cost you about $20 grand to go, Fred.
Maybe more.

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