How crazy is this

Iowa State basketball freshmen Luke Anderson and Marcedus Leech, Jr. entered the transfer portal yesterday.

Not surprised at all, Pandora’s box has been opened and this will become the norm. How teams develop players and manage playing time and expectations will determine their success in today’s game. Time spent wooing the players and then having to pay them per NCAA with chance of going some where else at any time will make the portal college’s free agency platform. How that squares with reality of sports and meeting graduation hurdle rates will be problem for another time.

Social media will get amped up more when someone leaves their first team and goes come where else. We have experienced with that here and we are struggling to be revenant much less be competing at high level. Recruiting will be more difficult , without relationships or strong winning program.

Not surprised at all. Kids expect to play and if you’re told to sit and wait your turn, they’ll take their ball and leave.

Marcedus Leech is from Arkansas.

Was he offered by Arkansas?

No he wasn’t.

There’s a lot of talk about schools having to pay players, but I’m not sure that’s what the whole thing is about. Isn’t it that players can be paid for the use of their name or image, that is, if a private company, be it a game or clothing manufacturer, etc. uses the player to sell merchandise, that player can now collect a royalty? Does it go further?

This is not new. Kids transfer all of the time. I work at a University and it is something kids do. It is only easier for Athletes now whereas regular students could transfer at any time always. Universities recruit transfer students nearly as hard as incoming freshmen. It may not be about playing time but rather culture of the school/team, homesick, or any number of things. That being said playing time/coach issues may be the driving factor for athletes but kids transferring from school to school is not something that just started happening because of the NCAA transfer portal.

Respectfully disagree. The new rules have made it easier but a record number of kids are transferring.

Talk to coaches and they’ll tell you the kids are different vs. in the past. That’s because of the parents and the people the kids surround them.

What’s interesting to me is what makes these kids think the school they are transferring to will treat them any differently. These kids went to ISU because they were recruited there. After getting there, they don’t get to play, so they transfer, to where? The next school that’s telling them the same thing ISU said? And then they get to that school and have to sit? I just think it’s crazy that they leave until they hear what they want to hear, never realizing they are the problem. Not an athlete I want here. If you can’t find the value in learning, then you probably aren’t going to make it.

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They really didn’t have any scholarships to give. They were trying to squeeze in a schollie for Justice Hill. Of course more schollies opened up later including Gafford’s.