How cowardly

I guess some people just prefer a rigged game. Make a cheap political point then flag someone who calls you out on it. Apparently political snark on this board is fine. But only from one side.

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Please point us toward the post or posts and it will be addressed.

This was in the New Town thread.

When you find a post that violates the rules, you should report (flag) it. You do that by clicking on the three dots at the bottom of the offending post. Then click on the flag icon.
Moderators cannot always read each and every post, so flagging any post which fails to follow the rules is important.

Just so you know, a non-moderator flagged you, eagle.

I’m still getting use to the icons. If I do something wrong with them someone correct me!

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Army if you mistakenly flag somebody it will ask you to confirm the flag and indicate why you’re flagging. So you’d have to click the wrong thing twice plus give a reason.

I’ve been flagged twice now. Neither time did I violate any posted rules. So any poster can just arbitrarily flag someone?

Yes, you violated posted rules. The flagged post was clearly political. Other mods concurred with the flag. Yes, anyone can flag anything and the mods will review the flagged post and agree, disagree or leave it pending. In this case, the mods agreed.

How come every time I post there’s this flag that appears next to my post?

Beats me, Fred. I don’t see anything like that. If a post is flagged by another poster/lurker, it remains until the mods review it and either delete or okay it.

just teasing …

Well then there are clearly two sets of rules. Time to find a new board.

I could of told you that

Eag…you’re ok with me…unless you want to be considered “inappropriate”. If that’s the case, I can rethink what you said…and consider its potential alternate interpretations.

In my 56, almost 57 years, I have learned one infallible rule about discussing politics in any way, shape, form, or fashion: don’t. Not with friends, not with family, not with rank strangers, in any format whatsoever.


Careful baked. Barned Fife could write you up for that. LOL!

I’ve been suspended and warned several times for what I’ve said on here.

Mods and even an admin have said the opposite of what I’ve said that got me warned/suspended, so I do believe there are two sets of rules. I know the mods and admin weren’t warned or suspended

But at the same time, it wasn’t the mods or admin that flagged my post. Same thing happened to you.

Edit: By the way Marty/Swine/Matt I can still read the flagged posts and see who flagged them. I know y’all three or supposed to, but are the rest of us?

I deleted the other thread and I’m going to lock this one after I post this reminder:

Please refrain from making political posts on this board. It is one of the few things we ask of our users. It doesn’t matter which way you lean politically, your post is going to be deleted.