How cool is this?

Dusty won another division title last night. No Verlander. No Springer. Bunch of injuries. And no trash cans. No problem.

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Mine is not as impressive as most of these but I’ll share anyway. In 1983, my wife and I spent our honeymoon and Christmas in Hawaii with the Razorback basketball team (I don’t remember the name of the tournament). The Don Ho show was the biggest thing in Honolulu at the time so we went and while there we met Al McGuire, who was working the tournament. However, more memorable to us was being selected to do a skit with Don Ho based on being honeymooners. While Don Ho was singing a love song to my wife, I was taken back stage with a couple of hula girls who removed my shirt, planted a kiss on each cheek with bright lipstick, and then took me back on stage, drawing a big laugh from the crowd. When Don Ho asked my wife and I where we were from and we said Arkansas, a hog call broke out in the crowd. It was a night we’ll never forget.


Man, I am impressed! I got almost nothing! I did meet Bill Clinton several times, but so have a LOT of people from Arkansas, so I don’t think that was too impressive. I got to shake hands with Gerald Ford, but didn’t talk to him or anything. IMPRESSIVE group we have here!

Years ago I sat next to Johnny Cash on a flight from LA to Dallas. For some reason I was in first class, and the plane had a 6AM departure time. We were delayed a little until Johnny boarded (last), wearing his black tuxedo no less, the tie unraveled. He sat down in the empty seat next to me. And immediately feel sleep. He must have been up all night. I didn’t get to talk to him but I remember his finger nails were so dirty it looked like he had been working in a garden. I followed him out of the plane when we got to Dallas. It seemed like everyone in that area of the airport just stopped walking and stared at Johnny in his iconic black tux, as though they couldn’t believe their eyes.

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I’ve met various tv/movie stars on planes over the years. I met Dick Vitale and Kareem Abdul Jabbar at the 94 Final Four in Charlotte. Dick is named appropriately. Kareem was very friendly and interesting to talk to. I’m 5’9" so it was amazing to stand and have to look that straight up to have a conversation.

The most interesting was a trip from Atlanta to Knoxville and I was the only person in first class that was not part of the WWE (or WWF… can’t remember) Thursday Night Raw program. Sat across the isle from Hulk Hogan (huge man) and he was very nice. Randy Savage not so much… his ex-wife, who was their manager / promoter, sat next to me and he wanted me to change seats… she told him, in some pretty direct language to go away and leave us alone but he kept on. Hulk finally told him to sit down and shut up, which he did, and apologized to me for the scene. She was gorgeous and very friendly. I was glad, in a way, that it was a short flight.

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On several different occasions my wife and I sat and visited with Delmar Smith and Orren Mixer at the Quarter Horse world show. Two of the nicest and most interesting older gentleman that you could ever meet. Delmar autographed his book for me and Orren would draw horses on my score sheet and autograph them.Delmar was one of the most famous bird dog trainers and Orren a renowned painter of quarter horses.WPS

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