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I was at a urinal next to Mike Ditka in Vegas once.

I ran into Kenoy Kennedy and Eddie Jackson at a country dance club in Charlotte. Kenoy bought me
a shot of Wellers. I told him I’m not really a whiskey guy.

Kenoy said, “Seriously, you are turning me down?”

I said no. Three shots later I came close to doing line dances with Eddie Jackson. Kenoy stopped me. He said we’d just sit at the rail and tell stories. Good decision.


Thats funny…

I’ve sat next to Barry Sanders on a plane twice. About 2 years in between flights. One of the nicest strangers I’ve flown with. He actually remembered me after we talked a little bit.


My wife and I were at a pub in London. A very congenial guy begins talking to us. Overheard our Arkansas accents and was intrigued. We talked a bit more when a woman runs up and says “Nick, Nick! Can I please have your autograph?” This nice fellow was Nick Mason, founder and drummer for Pink Floyd.


Barry Sanders is a good guy. He’s low key and quiet, but a good guy.

Back in the Barnhill days I went down to use the restroom, I was standing there a gentleman standing next to me ask me how was I doing young man I look around it was Sam Walton. Very, very nice man

I crossed paths through the years with a few notables by far the nicest most cool was Adam Baldwin in Dallas. Was very down to earth and I will always remember he was really afraid of tornados and storms. There had just been some real severe weather move through the area and it was all he could talk about. I told him I grew up with them living in what’s known as Tornado Alley and that I don’t even give em much thought anymore. I sleep like a baby when they blow through.

The worst was a surprise to me. I sat very close to Ashley Judd in 95 at the SEC Basketball Tourney in Atlanta. She was an ex-Kentucky girl and lets just say she had quite a mouth for someone that always plays the prim and proper type while acting. She definitely came across as an itchy bee in my opinion.

Most notable I ever talked to was Doc Severinsen, an absolute hero and amazing person.

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Had a business relationship with Brad Daugherty a few years ago. Spent a good deal of time with him. Constantly ribbed him about his North Carolina team losing to the Hogs in my home town in 84. He’s a good dude. Calls me Arkansas.

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I was in a bar in Baton Rogue in the early 70s when Lou Reed walks in a plays a long set with a local band.

Don’t remember the drive home to NOLA


I set next to Bob Toski, the legendary golf teacher on a trip to Rio many years ago and shortly thereafter Waylon Jennings on a trip from Atlanta. Then Chef Paul Prudhomme on a trip from Hong Kong. All of these gentlemen were very nice. Bob would enjoy a cocktail but Waylon only drank ice water. Most interesting was Omalide, a very famous Nigerian singer, on a trip from Ethiopia. He was one of the most friendly persons I ever met. Of course everyone was wanting a selfie with him and he accommodated all.

Had a girlified from 2000-2003 that does the Insurance for the Dallas Cowboys. She got the business in 1977 right up to today. Got to see Jerry Jones several times. Down on the field to in the office. Even knew my name. Mr. Field of Dreams. LOL

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I guess my biggest claim to fame was being in the same restroom with Willie Nelson in the Cresent Hotel in Eureka Springs in 1979 nice man small talk but a great concert in the Crystal Ballroom, only 450 tickets sold the tables set up banquet style dinner served fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and blackened peas.

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that sounds like a fantastic evening, would have LOVED to have been to all of that! I saw Willie in the river amphitheater in LR years ago, man he’s so so so good.


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I have had the pleasure to meet a number of famous people in my life. I used to work in the yachting industry and one of the owners I worked for was Bernie Little. At the time he also owned the “Miss Budweiser” racing boat that was famous for years and he was a survivor of the USS Indianapolis sinking in WWII. He had Burt Reynolds, Lonnie Anderson, Elizabeth Ashley, Charles Durning, and Charles Nelson Riley on board as guests. In the evenings I would bartend and get the chance to actually talk to everyone. Burt was doing “Evening Shade” at the time and soon found out I was from Arkansas. We talked football and how much he loved the State. I told him he was my mother’s favorite actor. The day they left he gave me his assistant’s phone # and told me to call and he would have her leave tickets to his one man show in Little Rock for my mom. The night of he event my mom and sister went over and to the will call window and was told they didn’t have any tickets under her name. She said her son was told by Mr. Reynolds himself they would be there and then she was told that those tickets had not been brought down yet and to come back about fifteen minutes before showtime. When she went back the guy told her the tickets must have come from Mr. Reynolds because they were some of the best in the venue. She sat with nearly every Arkansan of political and/or financial note that evening. She had a blast and said she felt like somebody sitting with the “Who’s Who” of Arkansas.


Spent a couple days once at a meeting with one of our suppliers who just happened to have Neil Armstrong on their Board of Directors and who was in attendance. The wife and I actually got to spend some time just chatting with him. What a nice, self-effacing, true gentleman he was.

I’m still mad at myself for not getting a picture with Dusty Baker when he was at the 2019 regional. His son was playing for Cal. I spoke to him early in the day as he and his friend walked around Baum-Walker Stadium. He is such a nice man and he has German Shorthaired Pointers!

P.S. It did embarrass me when I saw Arkansas fans ask him for an autograph while his son was playing. Leave the man alone.