How cool is baseball

Pretty cool, but the outfielder reminded me of when I was staggering around under fly balls at age 10. Never had one go off my face though, somehow.

Camden Yards is my favorite MLB park first of all. Close behind is Fenway where I’ve only been once. My trip to Fenway with about 7 co-workers was very exciting, not for the baseball but the atmosphere. The Red Sox whipped up big time on the Orioles that day. Manny Rameriz hit two HR’s that day for the Sox but had a fly ball fall literally two feet in front of him. He never saw it. It was hilarious. He took some ribbing from his teammates about that miss.

Orioles are in a tough spot. They could great value from Mancini and a couple of other players on the roster if they move them before next week’s trade deadline. But, surprisingly, they’re only 3 games out of a playoff spot and are playing great baseball since the beginning of May. Do they throw in the towel and get more players for the future or try to win now? Lots of really young players contributing a lot now. Mancini is royalty in Baltimore. I hope they keep him and play for the win.

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