how come we never hear from the opposing coaches

I don’t think I have seen a quote from any of the coaches other than a little video from the arizona coach…I always like to hear what they say and we used to get that but haven’t so far.

Agree. Would love to see some comments from opposing/visiting coach’s. Missing from all baseball write ups.

There are times we get it and times we don’t. I didn’t talk to Bucknell coach. I will look for SC coach today.

ok thanks Clay.

Well, I looked back and we did have quotes from the USC coach, in Tom Murphy’s story. So you missed it: … hutout-20/

yes I saw that but it wasn’t on the first report i saw from somebody.maybe they came back and added them.

I believe that is the first time this year and possibly last year.

I spoke to Bucknell’s coach twice when they came this year. I had him quoted in multiple stories. I try to talk to the opposing head coach at least once each weekend. It isn’t always easy, though, because in order to talk to them you have to miss the Arkansas press conference, and that is who most readers want to hear from.