How close is Muss coming to wrapping it up?

For 2019 class, is he yet at the point in which, if he adds somebody new, he has to move somebody out? Or is he at the point in which he calls all the recruits we have been soliciting and letting them know we are full? (Walker is the exception of course)

Keeping up with all the names has been borderline exhausting. I’m almost ready for a break.

With Vanover and Moss, all 13 scholarships are full, unless someone else leaves or Vanover blueshirts. That could be Garland if he doesn’t get cleared, or someone else if he does. I would have to think that if Walker commits and reclassifies, or maybe if Grayer wants to come, they’d make room. No idea who else might be on the way out.

I think with the new additions, and a guy still visiting and having a good visit, and Walker still a big want and a wanting reclassifier, and Grayer still out there coming off a exciting visit, I thinks these questions are being pretty clearly spelled out. But that’s just me.