How can we not have a ‘serviceable’ backup QB? Above all else

This is where our Coaching staff has failed. Inexcusable.

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That is not unique to Arkansas. In this day and age, good QBs want to play and if they are not used, they transfer.


The (alleged) QB guru at A&M has started 3 diff QB’s this year due to injuries. A good example of what Marty posted.

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Our backup is a 4 * recruit in his third year on campus. That should be an ideal situation.

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Yes our backup is an incredible athlete, but is he an incredible QB? I’m not sure yet.


He’s not shown me he’s SEC ready at QB.

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I think Hornsby is pretty good. The only game he started, he rushed for over 100 yards and passed for 250 yards. He just needs some playing time.


You play a banged up KJ every time over what Arkansas has on campus right now. Lucas Coley probably would be the backup if he stayed.


Spot on, good post! WPS

I agree with Bayou…our coaches get paid a lot of $ to have a decent QB option in waiting, ready to play if starter goes down. I mean, Freeze beat us with his 3rd string QB! Either you can develop/recruit good QBs or you can’t?

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This says it all. Hornsby is a great athlete. QB in the SEC??

This is just another example of why serious evaluation of both OC and DC needs to occur during the off season. No backup QB ready? No play maker at receiver? Still have problems on D-Line and Secondary. Little depth on both sides of the ball? These coordinators need to answer for these problems.

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Why did he leave? I really thought he would be a good one.

He also completed less than 50% of his passes that game. A couple of busted coverages by State gave him a chunk of those yards.


It’s easy to say have a backup QB ready, but as Marty noted, the portal makes that hard. Besides, it’s not like we don’t have a backup ready. Hornsby is that backup. It’s just that KJ is the much better option even if he’s banged up. I don’t think this situation is unique to us.

Sure didn’t seem to bother Liberty


Might not have bothered us if Hornsby had started, either. Coaches have to use their best judgment. Besides, it’s not like the Liberty QB was the difference in the game. Liberty scored zero points in the 2nd half. Our problem looked more like the O-line, especially in the first half.

Regardless, I know if. you were the coach, you’d have used better judgement and would have a much better backup QB.

That’s a lot of faith in someone who has never coached football

No. It’s just dripping sarcasm.