How can they play this badly? Lack of Sr. leadership?

This team is very frustrating to watch at times

Hogs have been frustrating to watch most of my life…im 70.


I’m too young to remember 1964. Other than 1977, other than the Texas game, is about the only time I haven’t been frustrated beyond belief.

I know I am mad and upset, but games like this make me rethink spending so much money on donations and tickets.

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Same as always in my life. Philosophy


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I thought the entire OL blocked like they didn’t appreciate the offensive play calling- for the entire game. You know they weren’t outmanned. So it makes you wonder if there’s team dissention.

They’ve had a lot of good publicity this year so to lay an egg must communicate the OL is strong in their frustration.


Today was the worst performance I have attended since the loss to The Citadel. I hope coaches and players can motivate tougher play with Fighting Razorbacks spirit.

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A protest. This is the only explanation that makes any sense. Can’t believe I didn’t think of it

I’m right there with you

Hard to watch on tv.

If expectation is we field mediocre SEC team, we are likely sub par.

Liberty seemed to have playmakers we did not.

I give coaching staff credit for stability upon arrival and good year last year.

But this feels like major step backwards in year three.

Clearly need more talent and only hope recruiting doesn’t take a hit the way team is on the field this year.

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