How can the OL be this bad?

50,51,60 getting manhandled

Well, Raulerson was not good enough to start at Texas, but is at Arkansas.

Brain Wallace, Jalen Marrick and Josh Allen - who is no longer at Arkansas - have not panned out for vaunted four stars.

Arkansas did not recruit enough numbers there in 2014 and 2015

Real talk right here. Add in a converted DLman to OLman and you get what we got.

What is the number they try to take every year?

Gets no push. In fact he’s been pushed back easily into the pocket. He missed 2 run blocks. I would put someone else in there.

Our DL is just as bad.

Very, very discouraging.

The D might cost Smith his j o b

DD, you are spot on here! The HC didn’t do a good job of evaluating his teams needs or the players they recruited. Just more evidence of his inability to deliver any more than 7-8 wins a year?

I’m waiting to here Bret’s comments. He is standing on the sideline, looking like he has never seen a football game before.

Great question. This is supposed to be CBB strength–putting really good offensive lines on the field. We are not very good on either line, let’s face it. Over 400 yards rushing tonight & its only end of 3rd Quarter!