How can the coaches make sure the kids are working out

This whole thing has been a hot mess for everybody for sure, the kids have worked their butt off all winter getting in great shape now all the sudden they are on their own… I wonder how the coaches are keeping them accountable and making sure they are getting their workouts in which a very hard considering the gyms are all closed.

Maybe, just maybe, the players have taken on the demeanor of their head coach and hold themselves (and each other) accountable.

Maybe, just maybe, they’re tired of 2-10 seasons and are self-motivated to outwork everyone else during the down time.

I would hope the players would be doing that. This is a different time and a different world for sure. But everybody’s going through the same thing so it’s fair.

It’s certainly a problem for them. They can run and do cardio but unless they have weights or machines at home strength work is tough. My great niece is a highly recruited basketball player and only has her goal on the street to work on her shot with. She does drills the best she can dodging traffic. And she runs but it’s not the same.

Everyone is behind for the most part.

My concern is getting extra fall drills (if we have football) to get them in shape. Going prior to proper training is asking for injuries.

Many have workout partners within the team. They are holding each other accountable.

Sounds good… wonder how many are able to use heavy weights?

I’ve been reading about NBA guys and how they’re handling the hiatus. Some don’t have access to a hoop during quarantine. Some have a hoop but no weights or a place to do cardio. And a lot of pros put in their own little gym or at least an outdoor court; the ones who didn’t now wish they had, I’m sure. Gotta be even worse for college kids who were used to using their high school’s facilities.

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