How can Iowa State recruit such great players to Ames Iowa

Yes I know Nick babb plays for them, but man they are spanking ole Miss! Man all guys such athletic skilled players and they have really no basketball Heritage. That is my biggest gripe for CMA.we have all these wonderful facilities and great basketball tradition and yet we’re bringing in players who can’t even shoot the basketball.we got freshmen who aren’t even good enough to get on the floor yet they have two freshmen starters and are fantastic players. I don’t get it just don’t get it.

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Van Horn does that in Fayetteville. Two of the best freshmen last year were Hogs.

According to many on this board. Fayettville might as well be Hootersville compared to… well anywhere else. NWA might as well be on the moon or a different era. Clearly we can’t compete with such major metros like Jackson, Ames, Starkville, Tuscaloosa, Columbia, Stillwater, and Norman.

Iowa State was 13-18 last year, no post season, Arkansas was 23-12 last year, made the NCAA tournament.

Were you asking last year how we were able to recruit such great players to Fayetteville and how they couldn’t even get a roster that could break .500? Didn’t think so.

You mean all those great players that are playing in the NBA that were on our team?? Forget the record Iowa state had last year the guys they got on their team this year are way better than what we have. Plain and simple.Iowa state is that some great teams in the last five or six years you must have forgot that total beatdown they gave us.

A joke - and complete cop out for lazy and/or average to poor recruiters.

Nolan Richardson recruited well to Arkansas

Iowa State since Johnny Orr has maintained a great basketball tradition with only a few down years. They seldom recruit Iowa high school kids and make a living on transfers Their revenue goes to football and basketball. They dropped baseball. and men’s swimming a number of years ago. They remind me of Arkansas when coached by Eddie Sutton and Nolan. Jamie Pollard is an outstanding AD.

Oh, so it’s forget Iowa State record last year when they absolutely sucked, and CMA has NEVER had a season that bad, but let’s remember when they beat us like 4 or 5 years ago? Gotta love the hypocrisy. You guys really go out of your way to bash the coach of the team you’re suppose to be a fan of. If you admire Iowa State, why are you on a Razorback message board? Last I checked Iowa State had a message board for their fans.

Also FYI, Macon is on the Dallas Mavericks, scored his first point NBA point the other day. Barford and Hannahs are killing it in the G-League both were on a shortlist of G-League players expected to get called up and play in the NBA this year. Not to mention both Barford and Macon were first team all-sec last year, but we never get any good players here, we just have the second best SEC record the last 7 years because we’re lucky with trash players. :roll:

Yes we bring in some pretty good players from time to time and finishing second in the SEC in basketball is no big feat at all but my point :roll: is why we cannot bring in top flight elite talent to Fayetteville with all our tradition in facilities. Yeah they bring in great players in a place like Ames Iowa is the point:shock: :shock: I didn’t see any Gabe’s, Bailey’s out there today when they went in there and destroyed ole Miss at home with two freshmen starters.

We literally have a projected lottery pick on our roster now. And we have the best 3 point shooting freshman in the nation. So obviously we get good players more than “time to time.” And I just went and looked at the latest mock draft from, not a single Iowa St. player is on there… so what are you talking about, with all this NBA stuff and Iowa St, because they have no NBA guys.

They are lead by some older guys, their leading scorer is a 5th year senior, their starting PG is a 5th year senior, and their second leading scorer is a junior. Kudos to them for turning it around and playing well this season, because they sure sucked it up last year with mostly the same roster. What’s funny is, I went and did a search on Iowa St. in your post history, looks like you didn’t have anything to say about these SAME players last year, cause nothing with Iowa State comes up. Looks like you only want to bring teams and coaches up when it helps you bash CMA and the basketball program.

Also, a last FYI they have 8 guys on their roster that have worse stats than Gabe and Bailey. You must have missed those guys during your 1 game evaluation on them, and I highly doubt you even watched the whole game, something tells me you glanced at it for a few minutes when you seen Ole Miss was up, and that’s about as much as you know about them.

I could care less about Iowa st is why you saw no post about them LOL but when I saw the type athletes and skill they had it just made me SMH and made me wonder how they are doing it!!You keep bringing up last year who gives a crap about last year were talking about now!!, you don’t seem to mention the 23-12 and 24-11 seasons before that, that’s a heck of a job turning around a bad season I would say!No I watched every freakin second of the ballgame and they totally blew away ole Miss in their own house whereas we went in there and got the crap beat out of us.they did the same thing to Kansas and blew them out by 17! To make a long story short Iowa state has 6 players playing in the NBA right now 5 since 2016!! we have three Gafford will be number four. CMA will only be responsible for 3 if macon stays.

I don’t bash CMA I really like him as a person think he is fantastic but with our tradition and facilities we should be bringing in players like Macon and Barford every year!and go further than we have in the NCAA. I feel if we don’t bring it 3-4 real impact players next yr he will not survive next season. I hope I’m wrong but without Gafford its could be tough.I just don’t know why we aren’t getting elite talent in here,we have everything to offer but I’m afraid our brand is just not appealing to these kids today…We need to get back to being a National Contender.

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You could care less about them, yet you went out of your way to start a post specifically talking about them to bash our players. As I said, you didn’t say anything about these same players last year when they were younger and struggling to win games. Our players will get better with more experience just like the Iowa State players got better from last year to this year with more experience. Hopefully you’ll keep that same energy towards our players when they have a good game.

Also, to all you CMA haters, could you guys please stop with the “I like CMA as a person but.” You guys say that like it somehow gives you some credibility on your bias opinions. It doesn’t.

It’s ok, Youda. You’re absolutely right. Mike’s results are overall below expectations and its absolutely fair to look at teams like Iowa State and draw comparisons. Blu obviously has a lot of time on his hands to look at post histories and concoct strained arguments based on them, supported by selectively cited stats and records. He tries to do that to me too. He is not results oriented and apparently loves what Mike has done. Greatly offends him that folks like you and I disapprove and think we can do better. Bashes me for having the audacity to say Hog fans are tired of losing, given what we’ve all experienced in football and basketball in recent years. Don’t dare invoke football losing when it comes to discussing how we need to win more in basketball, too. Really something.

Seems like your new buddy here is the one that has too much free time, he just admitted to not caring anything about Iowa State, yet sat and watched an entire game of them playing, so he could come on here and make a post about how they recruit so much better than us. That’s dedication right there, because I don’t watch teams I don’t care anything about.

Also, I don’t know about your computer skills, but it literally takes less than 30 seconds to click on someone’s name, then post history, then search for a keyword. Same thing with a basic google search. I apologize if me taking 30 seconds to check my facts before I post instead of just spewing bias, agenda driven nonsense offends you.

My “agenda” is wanting Arkansas football and basketball to win more. If the Razorbacks don’t start winning more in sports that truly matter — basketball and football — then a whole generation of younger Hog fans will get disinterested and go elsewhere. It’s already happened some extent in basketball. Probably football too.

You think my “agenda” is something nefarious. It’s not. I have no idea what your “agenda” is, and don’t really care. One could certainly argue you have an unusual affinity for Mike’s coaching. Fine. I don’t. Lots of folks don’t.

First off Blu, I’m not calling Anderson a bad coach or even want him to be replaced. I’m talking about the never ending drumbeat that this area is so dull and boring that we cannot sustain constant good recruiting classes. Sure teams like Iowa State and Oklahoma State maybe down every so often, but they usually compete very well against upper tier teams on the court and in recruiting. Yes, Anderson has brought in some great players and some very good classes. But has not really done so on a consistent basis. Why? Maybe it’s the style of play. Maybe not really being able to develop dominating forwards and centers. Gafford and some others with natural talent not withstanding. But please don’t tell me it’s the area. Outside thier Universities, cities like Auburn, Ames, Starkville, and Tuscaloosa are dumps compared to Fayettville and the surrounding area.

I work extensively with teenagers in Arkansas and can tell you this is not true.