How can Fla make up the talent gap

between the Arkansas roster and the Gators? Earlier offers? Maybe take a few more risks? Quit worrying about trying to bring in quality people?


Well played

Florida should quadruple their recruiting budget, they have an obvious talent deficiency. That’s the X factor, solve for that and they win big.

I’m not trying to start anything, but Larry Johnson was seen after the game telling McElwain he better get him some men!

Yep. Well played, Notorious.
Other than Alabama, I’m not sure there’s much of a talent gap among the next 10 SEC teams. There’s a difference in star ratings, but I’m not convinced that’s the same thing. At least not as much difference as many seem to believe.

You can’t blame the Florida coaching staff, they are geographically challenged for four/five star home grown talent.

Very well played.

I still say there is a talent gap between us and the top of the SECW. There has usually been a talent gap between us and UF since we joined the SEC. Its great that we won (kicked their butts) but to pretend there isn’t gap issue isn’t going to solve the problem!


Florida should quadruple their recruiting budget, they have an obvious talent deficiency. That’s the X factor, solve for that and they win big.

I’m not trying to start anything, but Larry Johnson was seen after the game telling McElwain he better get him some men!


You are correct. There is most definitely a talent gap between us and the top teams in this conference. Scheme and player development can counter the talent differences to a degree. Anyone who thinks recruiting isn’t one the most important factors to being consistently successful at a high level is wrong. What is it, 26 years in this conference now and not a single conference championship. Recruiting matters.

As our games the last 2.6 years against many teams with a a supposed vast talent advantage have shown, the angle is overplayed.

It gets trotted out every time we lose. When we kick the crap out of a supposedly vastly superior team like yesterday, then, as you did here, people generally ignore it and fall back on the storyline.

Is there a talent gap between us and the top few teams in the SEC? Yes. There’s a gap between them and pretty much everyone else in the country.

But, this tired, old thought that we can’t hang with pretty much anyone in the SEC but Bama is just wrong. The actual games on the field prove it.

Yes, AU killed us this year. But, typically we beat them or it’s close.

We’ve been consistently beating LSU and OM. We just destroyed Fla and would do the same to Tenn and UGA.

So, ignoring the problem that people underrate our talent, coaching and staff isn’t going to fix that problem. It’s time to admit we have nothing of which to be ashamed.

I am so confused!

I thought Florida had so much more talent than Arkansas. I thought Arkansas was talentless. I thought our losses were because we didn’t have enough talent. How could we possibly beat Florida?

This is all so confusing…Oh wait a minute, now I get it. You are just pulling our leg. Interesting…hmmmm.

Of course it matters. But what matters is that you get enough talent to win and have a good program–not what some dude in his mom’s basement with his stars and stopwatches thinks about your classes.

There have only been about 5 teams out of 14 that have won an outright SEC championship. So, if that makes us some sort of failure (especially given that we are in a division–not just a league, a DIVISION–with Bama, LSU and AU) then I guess we have company.

But, yes, recruiting matters and we have to do better.

And I’ll admit the star rankings are the end-all-be-all as soon as you can explain to me how we continue to routinely whip teams with much higher-rated recruiting classes. Can you explain that?

The same posters that love stars are the same ones that say CBB can’t coach, and his style will never win.

So what does it mean to the star gazers when we beat these much more talented teams? Lol, they then say the other team played bad, and we were lucky.

We need talented depth, and BB is building it. Get ready, because starting next year, we will be competing for the west.

How did Toledo beat us last season? Surely we had more talent on our roster than they did. The most talented team doesn’t always win. There are a number of reasons that can factor into why a lesser overall talented team will win a particular game. I’d say the upper echelon of this conference is Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. I think you have to add A&M in that group now. I don’t include Ole Miss. They were just a flash in the pan. They put together a few good classes and won a few good games. They have already began to unravel. How many of the top echelon teams do we have a winning record against since joIning this conference?

We have good talent, not great. With good coaching, game plan, motivation, etc, the lesser overall talented team can win a game, games. When in these type discussions, I always go back to this quote, having blue chippers doesn’t guarantee you will win a championship. If you don’t have the blue chippers, I can guarantee you that you won’t win a championship.

If Arkansas being lumped in with the half of the conference that hasn’t won a championship gives you solace, that’s your personal view point on what is acceptable for the football program. I don’t have a problem with that. Everyone has their own perspectives, expectations, etc. I will always be a Hog fan, regardless of amount of success they have on the field. I’m a fan and that won’t change. I’m simply saying that if recruiting doesn’t improve, we aren’t going to be winning any championships. We will have good seasons and win some games against more talented teams. We just won’t win enough of them to win a conference championship.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I am not a “star gazer” as that term is usually used. Are they the end all of end alls? NO. But to pretend that they don’t matter at all? Foolish.

You give me class after class of 4 and 5 stars and you get class after class of 3 stars with just a few 4 stars and I will have more talent than you and win most games on the field. Guaranteed? NO. Most likely? YEP. Are there exceptions? Yes! Do the exceptions mean the rule isn’t valid? NO.

If we want to be a top 10 team, we have to have better talent. It is that simple. Does that mean offering earlier? I say yes. Did you read the report from the top player who is going on and on about BB contacting him on the first day we could? I know that isn’t an offer issue, but give me a break, it matters.

That’s all true. My point is that the recruiting has improved. It needs to get better but it is vastly improved. Many don’t believe that because they are in the Stars and Stopwatches Gang. But, I watch the games and see that in the last 2.6 years we have been one of the best 3-4 teams in the league.

My other point is that if it’s your expection that we will ever have recruiting classes that match Bama, LSU, UGA, etc. ON PAPER you will be disappointed. The ranking systems won’t allow it. You cite our overall record to prove that our recruit has been inadequate in the league.

But, comparing where we were on the field and in recruiting to where we were in 1992, 2002, and 2012 ignores the changes that have occurred and the gains that have been made on the field and in recruiting.

We are consistently beating several blue bloods and would be beating more if we played Tenn, UGA, etc.

It isn’t where we want to be but acting like we are a backwater program and that we have vastly inferior talent every time we lose is dumb.

The fact is that right now we are one of the best 4-5 teams in the SEC. It may not be something to brag about but we certainly don’t have to be ashamed every time we lose, either.

The earlier offers “controversy” is stupid. Just dumb. I bet the number of players we have gained or lost solely (or even primarily) because we offered early or too late is less than 5 players total in the last 20 years.

Players aren’t picking or eliminating programs solely or even primarily because they offered early or too late.

The people who complain about CBB’s system of waiting until he sees the players (especially the in-state ones) are the same ones that would bitch to high heaven if we pulled an offer on a long-committed in-state kid in January.

We could be like Bama and LSU and Fla and send out 300 offers on the first possible day only to later pull offers and reject long held commitments. But, our consequences would be different. And, do we want to be that way, tossing aside a committed kid in the last hour to try and poach another school’s kid?

It we did it would be much harder for us to go into Louisiana or Fla or South Arkansas if we had burned a lot of bridges by yanking offers. Those programs can get away with it because of their stature.

That said, I agree that we always need better players.

I just disagree with the assumption that the value of a class is determined by a Star and Stopwatch guy who is sitting in his mom’s basement and has never seen Austin Allen and Rawleigh Williams in his life and doesn’t factor in that Austin’s offer list (which is largely the chicken and egg factor they use to evaluate) was suppressed because of his Arkansas ties and Rawleigh’s, despite freakish numbers, was because of the private school he attended and its competition.

I sorta make a chicken and egg evaluation, like them. Since, over the last 2.6 years we have been the 4th or 5th best team in the SEC, I think that over the last 4-5 years we have had about the 4th or 5th best recruiting classes in the SEC.

It needs to get better, but it’s pretty solid. I’m certainly not going to complain about it and suggest our recruiting results are something they are not every time we lose a game.

There is a HUGE difference between pulling an offer to a kid who has already committed and pulling an offer to a kid who has not accepted it yet because we are now full (either at that position or overall). The former is scummy, the latter is something everybody knows going in. Even being as slow on offers as we are, we make more than 25 offers. We, and the kids, know that if enough others say “yes” before they do, there may not be a slot anymore.

Since we usually either don’t have 25 or have several of the last few that gets us to 25 that are stretches I am not seeing a risk of having to pull an offer made to a kid who has accepted.

And no, I don’t like pulling an offer from a kid who has accepted it. I don’t see that being an issue.

How quickly do we make offers? How many do we make? I think we have 19 commits with 5 or 6 spots left and we have had those commits since before the season started.

That seems pretty early to me to have the bulk of your class (at Arkansas) in the bag well before the season started. So, what’s the issue? Is there any evidence that we’ve lost any significant number of recruits with one of the main reasons being we waited too long? The Fayetteville DL, maybe? It seems pretty clear to me they think eligibility is a major issue, there.

You may not like that reason, but at least they have a reason and they apply it pretty much across the board. I don’t blame them for that. We don’t have the room for error and eligibility issues that Bama has.