How can defense be this bad?

Added 2 5 stars, Sanders and Jackson. All time leading tackler in Bumper.

Why are we so slow in secondary?

Have we just missed in this area on recruiting trail?


Bad defensive coaching as players are out of position a great amount of time.

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Lack of talent. We are starting former walkons


If we don’t have talent why can’t we get any?

Great question…

It’s not complicated. You won’t like the answer and you will shrug it off, but the simple fact is that Sam started behind the 8-ball after a pair of 2-win seasons, followed by a Covid year. He has one good season to recruit with. That has not allowed him to build the depth we needed to overcome injuries and defections to LSU.


I hope Odom finds a new job.

Get rid of Odem and Briles??


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Defense has regressed. Love bumper but he wasn’t going to get drafted high last year or at all. He has missed tons of tackles. The secondary looks lost. Both tackling and coverage. Scheme must be easily figured out because teams are amassing tons of yards and that includes Missouri state. At this pace, we might best liberty.

Watching some other games and have seen defenders running close to receivers and knocking passes away, is this allowed?

It is allowed in certain states Keith. Arkansas is not one of those states. Tight coverage is kind of like dirty dancin. You just don’t know what that might lead to.

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For me it never led to nothin…… :wink:


4.6s have a hard time covering 4.4s


Our linebackers overpursue into gaps that have intentional schemes to draw them in there. Odom has to keep these guys clean until the ball carrier is identified. You never see this in the nfl which is why misdirection rarely works at that level.

I will bite jackson. If you believe the rumors the players did not like Sam Carter and he was part of reason brooks and foucha allegedly returned home to suit up for lsu.

Carter only brought in khari Johnson in the actual rotation as far as recruiting. Lots of swings and misses.

The players getting most time are former Morris recruits and walk ins during his era.

Finally catalon getting hurt along with slusher really hurt. Bishop now lost for year.

Bowman is supposed to be a dynamic recruiter so let’s see what he can do.

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Playing superior talent will reveal gaps in your own skills. Explains at least a couple of bad plays this year - inferior talent trying to (over)compensate and be a superhero.

Pittman inherited a mixed bag that won four games the previous two years. Mostly, he inherited spare parts. The Covid year really hurt in recruiting as they were not getting players on campus for camps and unofficial visits. Being new to UA, that was a real disadvantage. You are seeing players we thought could contribute not able to contribute after all.

Part of our culture (my interpretation) is that we want our players to be lunch-pail technicians - go to work, grind, and do the same thing over and over at a high level of success. They barely played Nudie because he was not a practice player, but couldn’t help but put him on the field because his tallent oozes everywhere once on the field. Pittman addressed that specifically in fall camp. Same thing with Domineck at DE - tore him a new one in a team meeting to light a fire.

The staff clearly uses press conferences to motivate and push players. Chavis. Parker. WRs as a group. Some respond, others haven’t.

We spent all winter, spring, and summer retooling the team to a new defense…only to be deficient at safety (in particular) to run it effectively. Chavis being moved from safety to CB and back and again is not probably helping him in the end.

But, the DB group as a whole has been decimated by injuries, and is a step slower than we thought when recruiting most of them. (See the covid recruiting year comment above). Too many times, 10 guys do their job but one has a scheme gaffe and it is a huge gain.

I don’t think for a minute it is coaching. I do think that what they want to run, and what they have the talent to run, are two different things. Not sure we can even duck tape and bailing wire a solution at this point. Gotta recruit out of this DB hole. Find another Nudie or two in the portal. Go kick the tires on some of the DBs who committed elsewhere who gave us a look - maybe we get back in on them.


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