How can anyone not named Wally think Dykes did not get enough time?????????????????

Players quitting, leaving, and even transferring to a hated rival. #1 rated guard in the country, 5-star, at Central Arkansas Christian, not even considering the Hogs. Dismal record with a rapidly declining future ahead. Could Dykes’ coaching experiment have worked out any worse? I don’t think so.

I feel for Jimmy. Sounds like a few bad apples did spoil the whole bunch. A promising season doomed before it ever started. After all that happened, JL had no choice but to wipe the slate clean and start all over. I hope that anyone that threatened to leave does leave. Fully prepared to go 0 for 2018 if that’s what it takes to get an adult in charge of the program again.

I think more time could have been given if not for so many leaving the program. What’s up with that.

I think given the circumstances and his experience as a head coach, he was given ample time. It was obvious that the program was trending backward, which is why a change was made. I do not think it would have gotten better next year.