How can anyone defend this??

We are the worst team in the SEC and one of the worst in country. Fitting that he went 0-8 in his 1st year in SEC and will do the same most likely this year. Seems like a nice guy that players really like but he is not gonna ever get it done here.

The last two seasons we have seen how important the offensive line, secondary and special teams are. You can’t send the same failed players out there and expect different results. But if you can’t develop any depth you have no hope.
Then throw in the losses of Allen, Pulley and Cornelius and it is a disaster.

The bigger question is: Is Gus auditioning for the job?

No Ma’am. Those bridges have long been burnt.

War Damn Eagle. We would be lucky to have him. I would love it.

no way for gus

coach B looks defeated on sideline
even worse than usual. has since first quarter but as game has progressed just looks almost sick

we are a bad team
it is indefensible

looks like surrender

He’d be an upgrade from Bret.

But Id rather have someone else, he will be available though, Gus will get tanked this year.

Nope. No thanks. Would love to go into details but that never seems to work on public forums.

But hey… Congratulations on Your Team beating the Hogs. Hopefully this will grease the way for CBB’s exit.

It can’t be argued…He’s 10 - 26 in SEC play after today. Seems like a great guy and everyone seems to like him, but you have to win football games and he hasn’t won enough. Its time for a change.

Absolutely on point.

Matt Campbell - saw his name mentioned earlier for any school firing a coach. He’s the HC at Iowa St

Oh I actually hate Auburn, but not tonight. This program needs an enema.

If you have time send me a PM with what you know. All I know is Gus has had a pretty good run at Auburn and was very close to a NC.


We are back to the Danny Ford years of the early 90s…


Once HDN got here, Hogs always competed and played hard and won a helluva lot more than they lost. Granted it wasn’t enough for the majority of the fan base.

Nutt brought this program out of the wilderness that was the 1990s, and it stayed there for almost 20 years including the glorious years with HCBP.

One thing to remember – Nutt had some great players Ford had recruited after that surprise 1995 season to get things started.

Now we’re back to 1993 or 1994.

And we have to pay $15 million to get out of this mess.

It’s a mess.


It’s looking like it’s going to get worse too. Going to be a lot of hurt feelings and guilt when this train wreck comes to an end.

6 million (5.8) not 15.

I’ve heard from others it could actually be 15. I’ve not read it, but I understand different lawyers interpret that clause in the contract differently. Even it it’s only 6 million – that’s still a LOT of money.