How Californians have fueled Arkansas softball's historic season … d-its-his/

I am thankful for this coach and program . She has turned things around in a couple of seasons. This thread does make me ask why we have to have so many players from out of state. For example, why did they not recruit the hind catcher from Nashville? Brookland Cox has grades, win high point in track meets, and is the best female athlete in softball I can remember. I was just wondering for any insight.

I have no direct insight into the reasons, but a pretty good guess would be level of competition (the same reason we keep freaking out that our football coaches haven’t recruited Texas hard enough). A girl good enough to dominate in Arkansas might not even be a starter in California. Another aspect of that guess is the availability of travel teams – higher level competition than high school play even in a state like California. According to my brief Google research, there are ZERO 18-and-under travel softball teams in Arkansas. There are 50+ in southern California and more in northern California. Look at the Hogs’ bio pages and most of them list a travel team where they gained experience. Three of our five Arkansas girls do list travel team experience, but at least one of those clubs stopped at 16-and-under.

Thanks for your reply. I did find out from a relative of hers that she was offered by the hogs. They offered a third or a fourth of a scholarship which she turned down to accept a full scholarship at a junior college. Her logic was that she will play two years at the junior college and transfer her last two years and start there too. She did play 16 and under around Benton. Most high school coaches don’t let their kids play on another team until after the season ends. 18 and under teams are hard to find.

The junior college route can be the best route for some players, especially if they were under-recruited. It may mean a little extra scholarship money when they sign with a major college. Also, if the parents can’t pay the other three-quarters, then getting the first two years completely paid for is a bonus. Many people look down on jucos, but it’s a perfectly good route for some situations and some jucos have very good softball programs that may help her get looks from other major universities. (Of course, we’d prefer she’d stay a Hog.)

Worked pretty well for Aaron Rodgers, I’d say. If her academics are OK, she would be able to transfer to a four-year school after one season.

I hope Coach can get a few more good players from California. As far as that goes if she can find another good arm in Florida that would be fine as well!
I hope we are able to keep the coach for a long time. She has done a really outstanding job in a short period of time.

When it comes to stocking our softball roster, I wish they all could be California girls. Autumn Storms and Spring wins go hand in hand.