How bout them Ladybacks!

What an incredible comeback!! Very proud of them for getting to the championship game…will be real tough to beat Mississippi State because of the big girl and their defense but this team has a lot of heart!!fun to watch!

Hogs 58
Aggies 51.

Great win especially with tired legs.
The question now is can they beat Miss St to get the automatic bid into the dance. They won’t get an at large bid!

Intense! These girls are on fire!!
So happy for them and Coach!

Wow what a game!! Go Hogs!

Hell, I’m so starved for a big Razorback win and have so enjoyed this, I may fly out to Greensboro tomorrow and watch the final game. How great is this? Winners! Well coached and fun to watch. Awesome.

If you fly to Greensboro you’ll be about 180 miles away. It’s Greenville, SC. Same arena where we lost the men’s second round game to UNC a couple years back.

Fun game to watch. A&M had our ladies on the ropes, but couldn’t kill them off. Our ladies stepped it up and finished them off. Wow!!! Great game to watch!

Extremely impressive


What a great win! Such a fun group to watch. Neighbors is building something special here.


Them ain’t no Ladybacks. They’re W-O-M-E-N and they’ve come a long way baby from the days of Suzie Q and Jimmy Dykes. I don’t care what happens tommorow, these girls deserve to dance.

17-0 run to end the game. Awesome to see how happy our girls were.

Very impressive. Just took the game over last 6 minutes.