How bout them hogs!!!!!!

I love watching hog baseball. Was so nervous tonight but we pulled it out. What a game by Campbell and Martin. Cudos to fletcher for the bomb. Bonfield had a 2 hit game. Shaddy and Cole make up for no hit games w 2 awesome defensive plays. Ryndl and Cronin shut the door and we’re playing for national championship Monday night.

What else can you say, but,
Whooooooooooo Piggggggggg:bangbang:

Been waiting on this since 1979 !!!

After that loss to Cal State Fullerton, I thought we’d be back soon. Had no idea we’d be waiting 39 years!!! We got to win it.

If it’s another 39 years…if I’m blessed to still be living on this earth then, I might not even know what baseball is. :smiley:


I still remember watching the Hogs lose that last game in 79 either 3-2 or 2-1, I don’t remember, but it was one of those. As I recall Channel 7 televised some of the games from Omaha, but there was no such thing as any national network telecast – and there was no such thing as ESPN. People thought KATV was crazy to televise college baseball…but everyone in Arkansas was watching.

So glad they are finally back!

This already tied for our best season ever. At least by the measure that counts. We can do no worse than second in the country. However, I like our chances to win it all. I’d like to see a multi-inning game tomorrow. Either way, unless one team blows out the other, they should be strained for pitchers to start the finals. I have no idea who they’ve got & who can come back, but neither team will leave anyone on the bench tomorrow unless it’s someone who got really exhausted in the last couple of games.

It was 2-1 after previously losing to them by a score of something like 13-12 for our first loss that CWS. The titans had a shot to get back to this series. too bad they didn’t quite make it (think washington knocked them out)…would have been very exciting to have gotten a shot at them 39 years later.

Just another reason to enjoy. You never know when or if you will get back. Better make the most of it while here. This opportunity will not come around often. Either way, have to be very proud of the Hogs. This has been their goal all season. Still not reached, but it is there now for the taking.

I think OSU is a really good team, but so is Arkansas.

This is what I’ve been saying all year. I had a great feeling (and I usually don’t) for much of the year. I just felt like we were really really good and had a great mix and the “it” factor.

I’ve really enjoyed the ride and as cheesy as it sounds have a real love for this team. When guys like Knight, Shaddy and Bonfield came back I really hoped their decisions would be rewarded and they have. Knight and Shaddy have earned a lot more money and I have zero doubt all 3 of them are making priceless memories. It’s so awesome.

I feel the same way. Not one of those players know me from Adam’s goat, but like most fans I develop a deep affection for our players. For me, I think it’s especially true of our baseball players. They play so many games & I watch almost all of them, so I get to know them very well. Those that have been here more than a year & have given so much to the program are ones I especially appreciate.

So cheesy or not, I love this team.

Winning it this year would take that bad taste out after 39 years. So long ago but still seems like yesterday.
With a nucleus to build on to keep the ball rollin. DVH already recruits top notch players, but add a CWS Ring to the resume, Wow.

We can’t rule out the Leghumpers. OSU coach said at midgame today he was running out of pitchers. Remember Moo U gave up 20 in the first game of the regional and still got to this point. All they have to do is outscore the Beavs Saturday.