How bout them Hogs!

In 94 I was sitting in a TGI Fridays in Eatontown, NJ drinking Icehouse beer and watching the game alone as we won the Natty. I would ETS from the Army a couple of weeks later.

Am I going to see another shot at a Natty this year? Do I need to find another TGI Fridays? Where is the nearest one? Ft Smith maybe?

I am on cloud 9 at this point.



Icehouse beer…man that takes me back.


Same. That was the thing for a bit.

Freshman year 94 Red Dog as well.


Colders 29?

Hahahaa I remember those commercials but I think I can say I never had one…I think.


Billy Beer….who remembers? It was named after President Carters brother Billy who liked to drink beer. I was an assistant manager for Wiengartens in Pine Bluff when that came out in the 70’s. And I was responsible for the beer section. Oldtimers like me remember Dickie Morton the great Hog running back. Dickie’s father in law set him up with a beer distributing business in Pine Bluff. Dickie got the rights to distribute Billy beer in Jefferson county. It was nasty stuff (IMO). Dickie did a good job of selling me to buy 100 cases of the stuff. I displayed it every way possible and it didn’t sell. Eventually I practically gave it away to get it out of the store. Dickie was fun to talk to but was not a businessman and didn’t make it in the beer business.


I still have a can on the shelf of Billy Beer… Never tasted any and only ever bought the 1 can as a collectors item. Turns out it was never worth much, but I got one.


I have a can of Billy Beer, too. Like you, I’ve never tasted it. No telling what my 45 year old can of beer would taste like if I opened it. Regardless, I’ve got it.

I bought a six pack of Billy beer when it came out. It was awful. And I only drank PBR because it was cheap.


My store manager at the time loved beer and he said it was rot gut. I’ve never been much of a beer drinker.

PBR & Milwaukees Best. About 5 bucks a case in my day.

It’s a wonder you guys still have functioning guts. My friends knew my mellowing came from Jack D, Southern C, and Wild T.
Then my brilliant psychology Ph.D. overseers introduced me to B&B, and it has been true love ever since.

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